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Athlete Profile: Colin Abbott

Born 1990
Hometown Whitehorse, Yukon
Currently living Ottawa, Ontario
Club Yukon Orienteering Association
Occupation Student/Athlete

How long ago did you start orienteering? 7 years ago

What are your orienteering goals this year? Top 5 results at COC’s

Have you been to previous World Championships? JWOC 2008 in Sweden, JWOC 2009 in Italy, JWOC 2010 in Denmark.

What is your best result or the one you are the most proud of? 1st Junior in the long distance at COC’s 2010

What keeps you motivated to train for the sport? Every time I am out in the woods the experience is different. Every course I complete I could have been a little bit faster. Every time I step to the start line I know I am on the brink of another adventure.

What is your favourite event? The W*A*R! I have yet to win it.

Do you have a pre-race ritual? Tie shoes TIGHT. Have a look at which way is north. Run for a half hour at the very least and do a few sprints. Concentrate and go.

What would be your best orienteering memory? My initiation to become a W*A*R Veteran as I slogging with Nansen Murray for over 3 hours in 10cm of slush on June 10th 2008.

Personal sponsors: Fischer, Swix, Salomon

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