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Athlete Profile: Damian Konotopetz

Born 1990
Hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba
Currently living Calgary, AB
Club Coureurs de Bois
Occupation Athlete/Student
Training log Attackpoint
Website Personal blog
Twitter @dkonotopetz

Please list your best and proudest 2012 orienteering achievements.
Winning the silver medal in the COC Sprint and the bronze in the Long.
Placing 37th in the WUOC Middle.

Please list your best and proudest orienteering achievements to date.
Winning the 2002 Asia Pacific Orienteering Championships .
Participating in 3 JWOC’s (2008, 2009, 2010).
Top North American in every race at JWOC 2010; Sprint 74th, Middle 75th -B Final 14th (1 second from making the A Final—that really hurt!), Long 90th.
Winning the 2010 COC Sprint (M17-20).
88th in the Long distance at my first ever WOC in France, 2011.
Silver in the 2012 COC  Sprint and bronze in the Long.

What is your first orienteering memory?
Winning the 2002 Asia Pacific Orienteering Championships.

What is your favourite orienteering story or experience?
Attending my first JWOC in Sweden and seeing what a world class event is all about.

Is there a particular map/area where you could never get sick of orienteering?

If you could fly anywhere in the world to orienteer, where would you go, and why?
Australia because I think it would be an awesome place to orienteer.

If you could get orienteering coaching from anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be, and why?
Thierry Gueorgiou because his technique is flawless.

What races are on your 2013 calendar?
US Individual Championships, WCOC’s, COC’s, WOC (hopefully).

Aside from orienteering, what other sports do you do on a regular basis?
Short track speed skating, cycling, running, inline skating.

What is your favourite pre-race breakfast/snack?
Protein shake, banana and a cliff bar.

Tell us something that we might not know about you….
I enjoy fishing.


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