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Athlete Profile: Jon Torrance

Born 1971
Hometown Ottawa
Currently living Washington, DC
Clubs Ottawa Orienteering Club
Occupation Systems Engineer
Training log Attackpoint

Career Highlights

  • 2005 Canadian Orienteering Championships short silver (first COC medal)
  • Making my first World Orienteering Championship team in 2005 on the third try
  • 2007 Canadian Orienteering Championships sprint gold
  • First in 2007 Sprint Series Final
  • Victory at the 2007 Hudson Highlander (2007 was a good year)

2011 Highlights

  • 3rd (2nd North American resident) at the US Ultralong Champs
  • 5th at the COC sprint, 5th (third NA resident) at the US Sprint Champs
  • A single A meet race victory – the middle distance at the Buffalo A meet.

When and how did you get involved with orienteering?
Not counting a couple of times in high school gym which, along with Hal Higdon’s “The Electronic Olympics”, got me interested, in the spring of 1990 when I first showed up at a OOC event on the Nepean Sportsplex map.
What do you love most about orienteering?
The evergreen challenge of balancing physical effort and efficient navigation.
What is your favourite orienteering discipline, and why?
Middle, for the sheer enjoyment of doing orienteering that’s as technical as possible (whether I manage to rise to the challenge or not).
Which orienteering event is always on your calendar?
Is this a trick question? Canadian Orienteering Championships!
Do you have an orienteering idol? If so, who and why?
If I do, it’s Thierry Georgiou – it would be hard not to be impressed by what he’s achieved and the dedication it took to achieve it.
What was the highlight of your 2011 season?
Returning to the Yukon for COCs.
What are your 2012 orienteering goals?
Most importantly, performing well at COCs and NAOCs.
What races are on your 2012 calendar?
All the US A meets east of the Mississippi from March through May, the Billygoat, the Ottawa O Fest, COCs, NAOCs. WOC?
What is your favourite international orienteering location?
For an otherworldly O experience (unless you live somewhere similar), everyone ought to orienteer at Anza-Borrego.
When you’re not orienteering, where can we find you?
Hopefully downtown – usually DC for assorted culture, sometimes Silver Spring for the American Film Institute. Or out training. Sadly, at work might be a better bet other than evenings. Please don’t try to find me in the middle of the night, even if it is easier when I’m virtually certain to be in bed.

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