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Athlete Profile: Nick Duca

Born 1966
Hometown Zalau, Romania
Currently living Kitchener, Ontario
Club Stars Orienteering
Occupation Automotive Production Supervisor
Training log Attackpoint

Career Highlights

  • Finals at WOC in 2003 and 2004 (40th each time )

2011 Highlights

  • Ontario Championships – 2nd in the Long
  • Ontario Championships – 4th in the Middle
  • Boston WRE 5th  in the Long

When and how did you get involved with orienteering?
1978, school event
What do you love most about orienteering?
The way of living- as Silva once said
What is your favourite orienteering discipline, and why?
Middle, as I still can push hard for the time required
Which orienteering event is always on your calendar?
Thomass events
Do you have an orienteering idol? If so, who and why?
Oyvin Thon. Nice person, strong athlete
What was the highlight of your 2011 season?
Strong fall season
What are your 2012 orienteering goals?
Stay afloat with M21
What races are on your 2012 calendar?
Ottawa festival, COC Edmonton and many others
What is your favourite international orienteering location?
When you’re not orienteering, where can we find you?
At work, or traveling with family

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