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2009 Annual General Meeting

Friday August 28
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Carberry School
230 Main Street
Carberry, Manitoba

The AGM is the one time of year when all the members of the COF (the provincial/territorial associations) gather to discuss and decide on the business tasks of the association (such as electing board members, making changes to the constitution, reviewing the financial statements, etc). All are welcome.

Specific details about the AGM will be posted here over the next few months.

The 2008 AGM information is here.

2009 AGM documents (to date):

Voting delegates confirmed to date:

BC John Rance
Yukon Pam James
Alberta Don Riddle
Manitoba Jennifer Hamilton
Ontario Ian Sidders
Quebec Michael MacConaill
New Brunswick Harold McQuade
Nova Scotia

Dave Graupner for VP Finance
(moved by Tim Lee, seconded by Jennifer Hamilton)
Andree Powers for Board Member
(moved by Don Riddle, seconded by Kim Kasperski)

No event bids received to date.

The deadline for motions to be submitted was August 10th.
Motions received:

Moved by the COF Board of Directors
1a) To accept the proposed rule revisions as presented with the exception of those that have been subsequently amended.
1b) to amend rule 3.4.1 to:
At Championship and ‘A’ Meets, all participants in classes other than Open, Bg. or WF shall be current members of a P/TOA that is a member of the COF or of a member nation of the IOF.

Moved by Michael MacConaill. Seconded by Colin Kirk
Move that the COF supports the position of National Team Leaders, Junior and Senior, by providing financial support for air travel, registration fees, accommodation/meals and other WOC/JWOC expenses to a maximum of $2000. This support is to be for such WOC/JWOC to which COF send an officially selected team, and shall apply to the 2009 teams.

Moved by Bill Anderson. Seconded by Colin Kirk
Move that the COF waive the 25% levy on all junior participants to encourage the event organizers to drastically reduce the junior entry fees.
Background information provided by the mover:
The very low numbers of participating juniors at this year’s COCs (as well as previous years) must be addressed. The cost of participation for families at our events is a major factor in the decision to not attend. When the cost of entry fees for children starts adding up to hundreds of dollars there is only one option left to families – they won’t go! These negative decisions directly impact the attendance at the junior training camp (an important development activity) as well as the participation of the parents. We are a family sport. Given the number of juniors that are attending the events the impact on revenues is not a valid excuse for charging high entry fees. For 2010, the Ottawa Club is considering a “family rate” – i.e.: where juniors are virtually free if parents or a guardian sign up for the event. I trust that this motion will generate discussion on all aspects of increasing junior participation at our major events.

COF Board opinion: The current levy structure requires reviewing and we suggest that the COF Board undertake a review of the levy structure with input from the provincial/territorial orienteering associations and the Canadian orienteering community. We do not support this motion without a without having a more comprehensive look at the current levy structure. We agree that encouraging more junior participation at major events is important.

Moved by Harold McQuade. Seconded by Stig Skarborn
Move that the Canadian Orienteering Federation create a contact list for suppliers of base maps and for mappers willing to work in Canada, and that this information be posted on the COF web site.

COF Board opinion: We can certainly post this list on the COF web site, but we would require volunteer assistance from a non COF Board member(s) to develop and update the list. Suggestions for content on the COF web site are always welcome and do not require an AGM motion.

Moved by Don Scott. Seconded by Mary Lou Hogg
Addition to the Age Categories in the COF Rules
Ross Burnett and Brent Langbakk are to be congratulated on their well reasoned 10 Course and Category guidelines which were approved in October, 2006 and I assume will now be included in the revisions to the COF Rules. I was especially pleased about their thinking where to include the M75 and W75 Categories. It was in 2002 when some of us were advocating having the 75 age categories and Pat de St Croix successfully carried this through at the 2005 AGM. It is now 7 years since the push for the 75 age category was implemented and some of us now are well past 75 and the COF should consider implementing the next age category. I think the COF should be proactive in this regard. I am not suggesting that new courses or new Recommended Winning Times be implemented. Age categories beyond 75 can be included on the same courses as the 75 age category and the RWTs do not have to be changed. The groups older than 75 would just be at the long end of the RWT ranges. It also gives the older age orienteers an opportunity to compare their split times and route choices with the young 75s. I know there will be the usual concerns about small numbers in the older age categories but that does not seem to be of concern in the younger age categories. Most orienteers like to have their results listed and compared to others in the same age group. Small numbers do not seem to bother the organizers of the World Masters Orienteering Championships and being able to say that orienteers in an older age group still compete is a source of pride in declaring that orienteering is “A Sport for Life”. You will note that I have not yet stated what the next age category should be. I recommend that after the age 75 category that the COF switch to 5 year age categories, that is, 80-84, 85-89, etc. My reasons for this recommendation are based on my observations of older athletes. After 80, people encounter many illnesses and injuries. Modern medicine can cure us of many of these problems but recovery times are long and one physical problem often leads to another. The change in one’s physical prowess from 75 to 80 is greater than the change from 65 to 75 and much greater than that from 55 to 65. I should emphasize that these changes do not include mental prowess; older athletes and others engaged in thinking activities, such as orienteering, remain sharp and clear.

This change in physical prowess is not surprising. I give you the following quote:
The Biblical quote about the span of our lives, from Psalms 90:10:

“The days of our years are threescore years and ten;
and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years,
yet is their strength labor and sorrow;
for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.”
Translation of the Bible in today’s words:
“The days of our years are seventy,
or even by reason of strength eighty years;
yet their pride is but labor and sorrow,
for it passes quickly, and we fly away.”
The reference to labor and sorrow tells that once past seventy years one’s strength is affected by ill health and injury. After eighty years life is close to an end.
In the 2000 years since the above was written the human body has evolved little. Modern medicine can keep us alive and moving through the forest after 80 years but “labor and sorrow” still rules us. Having reached the age of four score and one and in training for the World Masters Games in Australia this fall, I can attest to labor and sorrow. I conclude my recommendation with a poem.
Orienteering after Three Score and Ten
Lines by the late Mr. Thomas Anderson, banker, Hamilton
Modified by Don Scott
I sailed o’er the lovely Loch Lomond,
I gazed on the cloud-shrouded Ben,
And I said, I have orienteered below that proud summit
Long ago – it is no matter when,
I was then but a stripling of forty,
And now I am after three score and ten.
The sun shines as brightly as ever
On the lake, on the isles, on the Ben;
But the sunshine of youth has passed o’er me,
And can never return back again.
Alas! for the spring time of forty!
Alas! for the threescore and ten!
As I sit by the brink of the waters,
Near the foot of a beautiful glen,
My spirit comes back fresh as ever,
And I think I could yet run M two score and ten;
But no, the rheumatics say, “Never”,
And whisper, “You’re past three score and ten.”

Don Scott
April 2009

COF Board opinion: We agree with the intent of this suggestion. We suggest a specific motion such as: Understanding that 5 year age category are appropriate for athletes over 75, it is moved that the COF introduce a 80-84 age category and 85+ age category for both men and women. These athletes would compete on the same course as the current 75+ age category. And we’d like to recognize Don for submitting the most interestingly worded submission. This is likely the first time that an AGM submission has included poetry :-)

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