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Updating the COF Officials' programs

We are revising the training and certification of COF meet officials. The high standard of local, regional and national orienteering events is largely the result of a standardized training program which sets out the principles for planning, organizing, and conducting events. The program also provides a structure within which participants can progress from novice to expert level.

The COF program for training and certifying officials has served us well over the years, but we now need to bring it up to date. Sprint and middle distance events, electronic timing, OCAD mapping and home computer map printing technology are examples of recent (and not so recent) developments that are not part of the current curriculum.

We’ve developed a framework for the revised program. We are almost done updating the content for the level 300/400 modules. FWOC has been helping us with the level 100 update. And we are getting to work on the level 200 content update. Then it’ll be time to get the presentation/delivery options organized.

This is a big project and we’re always looking for more help. Contact John Rance at rance1ATshawDOTca or Alex Kerr at zanderkerr1ATgmailDOTcom with any comments, questions, ideas, offers of help.

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