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World Ranking Event Advisor Clinic

Program IOF EA Clinic Canada 2010The COF and USOF will be hosting a World Ranking Event Advisor Clinic in conjunction with the 2010 North American Orienteering Championships in Kimberley, BC.

Dates: July 5-6, 2010
Instructor: Jan R. Lien (Norway)
Location: Trickle Creek Lodge in Kimberley, BC

Clinic invitation / Registration form (.pdf)
Clinic invitation / Registration form (.doc)

In order to host world ranking events (WRE) in Canada and the US (we have a quota of 3/year/country +3 in the year we host the North American championships), we are required to have an IOF accredited event advisor involved with the event. The list of event advisors in North America is very short and both the COF and USOF Boards would like to increase the number of WRE event advisors in North America.

World Ranking Events are important for North American elite orienteers to gain ranking points that compare them with other elite orienteers around the world. The world ranking scale is also used to determine eligibility for some events. It’s important for the development of elite orienteering in North America for our elite runners to be able to participate in as many World Ranking Events as possible.

A WRE Event Advisor does not replace the role of the controller at an event. The event advisor assists in addition to the controller.

The IOF requirements to become a WRE event advisor in foot orienteers are:

  1. Be an active foot orienteer.
  2. Have competed in countries other than your own.
  3. Have successfully controlled major national events in the last 3 years.
  4. Be competent in the English language.
  5. Have attended, and have been an active participant in, an IOF Event Advisers Clinic
  6. Be familiar with the following IOF Publications:
    • Competition Rules for Foot Orienteering Events
    • International Specifications for Orienteering Maps
    • Control Descriptions
    • Principles for Course Planning
    • World Ranking Events Handbook
  7. Be recognised as a top standard controller/event adviser and endorsed as suitable by your national orienteering federation.

You can take the event advisor clinic before you’ve controlled a major national event. The requirements don’t need to be done in a specific order. So if you think you might like to become an event advisor down the road, you can take the clinic now and submit your application later. You don’t even need to be planning on becoming an event advisor. Anyone is welcome to take the clinic if they have a keen interest in event organization for elite races.

Clinic invitation / Registration form (.pdf)
Clinic invitation / Registration form (.doc)

Here are Jan R’s files from the clinic (all are pdf):

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