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2010 Annual General Meeting

Friday August 20
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Carleton University
Room: Commons 214. In the Residence Commons Building
(the building is coded CO on this map)
Ottawa, Ontario

The AGM is the one time of year when all the members of the COF (the provincial/territorial associations) gather to discuss and decide on the business tasks of the association (such as electing board members, making changes to the constitution, reviewing the financial statements, etc). All are welcome.

2010 AGM documents:

In 2010 we had a review of the financial statements from the previous 3 years. Here are those reports:

The 2009 AGM information is here.

Voting delegates confirmed to date:

BC John Rance
Yukon Brent Langbakk
Alberta Don Riddle
Manitoba Jennifer Hamilton
Ontario Ilona Dobos
Quebec Michael MacConaill
New Brunswick Harold McQuade
Nova Scotia Tony Wheeler

The position of President and 3 members at large of the Board will be up for election. Charlotte MacNaughton has reached the term limit for President.
No nominations have been received to date.

At the 2010 AGM, we will be accepting bids for the 2012 Canadian ski-orienteering championships and the 2013 Canadian Orienteering Championships. Alberta has submitted a bid for the 2013 COCs as they were awarded the 2012 COCs, but agreed to defer their bid after the Ontario association indicated that they wanted to host in 2012.

Motion 1
Moved by the COF Board of Directors
That the COF Constitution and by-laws be amended as presented.

Motion 2
Moved by Stig Skarborn and seconded by Heath Johnson
That the COF create a $5,000 “Team Leaders subsidy Assistance” package to offset Team Leader travel expenses for assisting the Canadian junior team at international events.  The travel expenses that would be considered eligible for the program are: air fare and accommodations.  The amount of individual funding support will be based on the actual and eligible amount of the travel expenses.  The total amount of the financial assistance may not exceed $5,000.
The Team Leaders must be approved by the COF and only the qualified “Team Leaders” would be eligible for the assistance.  The funding for the program would be supported from the collection of dues from the provincial and territorial clubs.

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