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All about the High Performance Program

Talent + Dedication + Support = Performance and Growth

This post provides the Canadian Orienteering Community with information about the COF’s new HPP. Please spend a few minutes to read it through – your understanding of the program will help orienteering at all levels right across Canada. Having a strong, well organized, and well supported HPP will reverberate through all levels of orienteering in Canada.

To reach their full potential, Canada’s top young orienteers must be dedicated, talented, and work extremely hard. They also need support and encouragement from their coaches, their friends, families, and the Canadian orienteering community. To build this environment of support the COF has recently created a High Performance Committee (HPC). This committee is responsible for designing and implementing policies and programs that will provide incremental improvements to the environment and performance of top-level orienteering in Canada. These improvements are targeted at the HPP but will directly impact all Canadian orienteers through more exciting racing, more training camps, more high quality events, higher standards of orienteering and event organization, more opportunities and strong, positive role models for young orienteers, more public profile for orienteering, and increased fun for everyone.

These are exciting times for Canadian orienteering, with strong and improving national teams and a promising core of young rising stars. Results from recent World Champs and Junior World Champs show the promise of a bright future for Canada’s top orienteers. We are also very excited about the growing number of youth programs across the country. We believe the HPP can help provide these youngsters with a path to amazing things.

We ask all Canadian orienteers to support the HPP. Below are some frequently asked (and some unasked) questions surrounding the High Performance Program. Please glance through them to see the kind of things you can do to help with this exciting program. Thank you for your support!

COF High Performance Committee:
Patrick Goeres, Brent Langbakk, Pam James, Magnus Johansson, Eric Kemp, Charlotte MacNaughton, Adrian Zissos.

FAUQ – Frequently asked and unasked questions

What is the High Performance Program (HPP)?
The HPP is a support system for athletes who show potential to represent Canada at Junior World Championships (JWOC) and World Championships (WOC). The HPP involves athletes and also the support system of volunteers and coaches.

How does the HPP differ from the National Team?
There is a lot of overlap between the HPP and the National Team. The National Team is those athletes who represent Canada at either the World Champs (WOC) or the Junior World Champs (JWOC). The HPP also includes athletes who have not yet reached the World Champs level but who have the potential to do so in the future.

A major role of the HPP is to provide support for athletes in their first few years of elite competition. Therefore athletes must be HPP members to attend: JWOC, World University Champs, and World Games. Note: HPP membership is not required to be selected to represent Canada at WOC or in World Cup events (but it is strongly encouraged).
Who is currently in the HPP?
The HPP has members from all regions of the country. Is there someone from your club or province? It is exciting to see the youthfulness of this group – in addition to the junior athletes, 9 of the 13 senior athletes are younger than twenty-five years old.


Dahria Beatty (Yukon)
Angela Forseille (BC)
Emily Kemp (Ontario)
Molly Kemp (Ontario)
Kendra Murray (Yukon)
Emily Ross (New Brunswick)
Colin Abbott (Yukon)
Lee Hawkings (Yukon)
Damian Konotopetz (Manitoba)
Serghei Logvin (Ontario)
Graeme Rennie (Vancouver)


Sandy Hott (New Brunswick)
Louise Oram (Vancouver)
Carol Ross (New Brunswick)
Robbie Anderson (Ontario)
Will Critchley (Alberta)
Hans Fransson (Ontario)
Patrick Goeres (Manitoba)
Eric Kemp (Ontario)
Darius Konotopetz (Manitoba)
Daniel Rokitnicki-Wojcik (Ontario)
Mike Smith (New Brunswick)
Jeff Teutsch (Ontario)
Jon Torrance (Ontario)

Who can be in the HPP?
Any athlete who demonstrates the potential and shows the commitment to represent Canada at JWOC or WOC may apply.

How do I apply to join the HPP?
Applications must be submitted by December 31st each year, for membership in the following year’s HPP. To learn more about the application process visit the Team Canada page at and download the Athlete Handbook. You can also send any question to National Coach, Magnus Johansson (

What kind of support does the HPP provide?
The HPP provides support in a variety of ways:

  • Training camps and training opportunities
  • Coaching feedback and guidance
  • Peer support and training groups
  • Discounted entries to some events

In the future, the HPP hopes to provide increasing support:

  • greater training opportunities
  • more coaching
  • funding
  • access to sponsor support

How is the HPP funded?
The HPP has three funding sources: fundraisers, COF contributions, and athletes’ out-of-pocket funding. Between HPP fundraising initiatives and donations, about $8000 – $10000 is raised each year. The COF also contributes about $2500 per year. The remaining expenses are all paid directly by the athletes.

To give a basic idea of expenses for a WOC/JWOC athlete:

  • Uniform costs are on average about $300/athlete.
  • Entry fees to JWOC in 2009 was $600 (including accommodation and food during JWOC). Entry fees to WOC in 2009 was around $950 (including accommodation during WOC but not food).
  • On top of the above expenses, the athletes also pays for airfare to the championships plus any expenses incurred for training camps often held immediately prior to the championships.

And the athletes also pays for all expenses related to participation in relevant selection races and various training camps and other training opportunities held throughout the year.

Currently HPP expenses are limit to providing a small honorarium to the National Team Coach and helping the HPP athletes cover a small portion of their WOC/JWOC expenses. The HPP wants to expand the HPP fund to be able to organize various training opportunities for HPP members throughout the year as well as expand programming to better develop Canada’s elite orienteers across the country and provide greater financial assistance to the team leaders.

How is the HPP administered?
The HPP is administered by the High Performance Committee (HPC), which at the moment consists of seven members including the COF Executive’s Athletes’ Representative and the National Team coach:

  • Brent Langbakk (Yukon) – Chair, Athletes’ Representative on COF Board, Former National Team
  • Magnus Johansson (BC) – National Team Coach
  • Patrick Goeres (Manitoba) – Current National Team, HPP Member
  • Pam James (Yukon) – Former National Team
  • Eric Kemp (Ontario) – Former Junior National Team, HPP Member
  • Charlotte MacNaughton (Alberta) – COF President, Former National Team
  • Adrian Zissos (Alberta) – IOF Event Advisor, Former National Team Leader

What kind of work does the HPC do?
In its very short existence the HPC has already accomplished quite a lot:

  • Athletes handbook and Athletes agreement
  • Yearly HPP schedule with camps and races
  • Established the “Red group” at major events such as 2008 & 2009 COCs
  • Fundraising initiatives such as the Winner-Prediction game at the 2009 COC
  • COF calendars COF Buffs (coming soon)
  • Presentations from HPP athletes & coaches at the COF Conference, Sass Peepre Camp, Barebones and other events
  • Free/reduced entry for some members at the NAOCs, Barebones

How does the HPP fit with the COF’s “under-construction” Long Term Athlete Development model?
The COF is currently developing a LTAD model in cooperation with Sport Canada. The HPP provides developing athletes in the Training to Compete and the Training to Win LTAD stages with the full complement of support necessary to reach their full potential of international excellence.

How can I find out more about the HPP?

  • You can visit the COF Website and the Team Canada Blog
  • Talk to your local HPP members!
  • Contact the chair of the HPC Brent Langbakk (, the National Team coach Magnus Johansson (, or any of the other HPC members.

How can I get involved?
Please help us to build a strong support community around the HPP. There are many ways you can be part of it:


  • Subscribe to Team Canada’s blog (
  • Send emails of support
  • Profile local HPP members in your club’s newsletters, mailing list, website and local press releases
  • Invite HPP members to give presentations about their experience


  • Support HPP fund-raising activities (for example: silent auction at COCs and other major events; organize a club events with proceeds going to the HPP; merchandise sales from time to time such as calendars, buffs, COF patches)
  • Offer reduced entry fees to HPP members at events your club organizes
  • Donate money to the COF’s HPP fund (tax receipt for donations over $10)


  • Organize a training camp
  • Help with a training camp
  • Organize Red Group at major events


  • Identify promising athletes to National Team Coach
  • Encourage younger club members to aspire to joining the HPP
  • Help younger club members with their HPP application and make them aware of the entry deadline

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