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Athlete Profile: Dahria Beatty

Born 1994
Currently living Whitehorse
Club Yukon Orienteering Association
Occupation Student, Athlete

How long ago did you start orienteering? 10 years

What are your orienteering goals this season? Race at larger events with more competitors to bring my orienteering to a higher level and be able to run my own races without being distracted by all the others  around. Become more efficient at relocating, spend less time before deciding to relocate. Plan most of my long bearing legs ahead of time and have fun.

What keeps you motivated to train for the sport? Always wanting to improve my orienteering skills and results from year to year. The fact that you get to compete and train in natural settings and that there are so many variables that always keep you on your toes.

What is your favourite event? I would probably have to say the COC’s and Sass Peepre Camp because you get to orienteering with people from all over Canada.

Do you have a pre-race ritual? Unlike most people I can’t listen to music before I race because it distracts me. The only ritual I have is that, I always like to eat toast with butter as a pre-race breakfast, no oatmeal.

What would be your best orienteering memory? I would have to say my very first Sass Peepre Camp that was held in Whitehorse. It was the first time I had the chance to orienteer with and against other kids that were not from the Yukon. I have many fond memories of the friends I made and the many experiences.

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