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Athlete Profile: Hans Fransson

Age 38
Hometown Sweden
Currently living Hamilton, Ontario
Club Golden Horseshoe Orienteering
Occupation Teacher

How long ago did you start orienteering? 30 years

Have you been to previous World Championships? WOC 2007

What are your orienteering goals this season? I have never been to Trondheim…

What keeps you motivated to train for the sport? I get my motivation to train from several different sources. To begin with, training is about socializing. I am lucky to have a great group to train with in Hamilton and lots of things can, and is, being discussed during a 2 hour run or between interval repeats or hill sprints. Also, orienteering is always fun. But, the faster you can run and the better you can orienteer, the more fun it is. Obviously, to run and orienteer better, you need to train. And finally, I think that if I train today, I can do better tomorrow than what I did yesterday.

What is your favourite event? O-Ringen

Do you have a pre-race ritual? I don’t have any specific ritual. I just like to hang out by the finish (in Europe) or the parking lot (North America) and chat with people.

What would be your best orienteering memory? I have done this too long and too much to be able to single out a specific memory. One event I often get reminded of though is the Ontario Championships at Hilton Falls back in early 2000. After the middle distance, I, apparently, publicly announced that I was going to retire. I am glad I didn’t.

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