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Survey re event names in Canada

The COF Board and a few of its committees (the High performance committee, the officials course update committee, the long term athlete development steering committee) have been talking about the need to change the naming of our current events (A, B and C meets). We would like to change what we call A, B and C meets for a numbers of reasons, including:

  • A, B and C meets aren’t very descriptive
  • we are looking at new ways to promote our sport/events and encourage new participants
  • looking at new ways of branding our sport to help us solicit sponsorship

We are considering renaming A meets as Canada Cup events. We’d like your feedback on that idea. And we are looking new names for B and C meets as well.

We’d love to hear your ideas! Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

Survey re equipment needs

The COF Board is wondering if it makes sense for the COF to purchase some equipment that would be available to orienteering clubs across Canada to use – especially for big events. We want to get feedback from the orienteering clubs and associations to gauge if this would be a useful and valued service. We know that some of the orienteering clubs very generously share their equipment with other clubs already and we are fully in favour of encouraging this sort of interaction among the clubs. The intent of this survey is to get an idea of whether there is a desire for the COF to have equipment available for loan and if so what sort of equipment, without duplicating what is already being done. You can find the survey here.

World Ranking events in Canada in 2011

The COF has received approval from the International Orienteering Federation for 4 World Ranking Events in 2011.

Saturday Feb 12 – sprint – Vancouver – Sprint Camp
Sunday July 17 – long – Whitehorse – Western Canadian Orienteering Championships
Friday July 22 – sprint – Whitehorse – Canadian Orienteering Championships
Sunday July 24 – middle – Whitehorse – Canadian Orienteering Championships

Thanks to the organizers for their willingness to put on these events.

Canada has a quota of 3 WREs/year (in the years that we don’t host the North American championships when we have an additional 3) and the North American region can host an additional 3 WREs every year.

Early bird entry (Oct 31) for 2011 World Masters Orienteering Championships

October 31st is first early bird entry deadline for the 2011 World Masters Orienteering Championships in Hungary (July 1-8, 2011). Details are on the event’s website.

2011 O-Ringen Academy

Information about the 2011 O-Ringen Academy is now available here.

The organizers of O-Ringen Hälsingland 2011, in cooperation with the International Orienteering Federation, are pleased to invite you to participate in the annual O-Ringen Academy International, which will be held in connection with the O-Ringen competition in Mohed, Hälsingland, Sweden.

The aim of O-Ringen Academy is to assist the development of orienteering around the world. It does this by providing selected representatives from developing orienteering countries with education and training designed to help grow the sport in the countries concerned. Participants in the Academy International will also receive training to develop their own individual skill levels in the sport.

Academy International is a unique opportunity for orienteering federations and interested individuals to work on developing the sport in their home countries. The idea behind Academy International is, through the transfer of knowledge and experience, to develop individual competency to be able to promote, organize and teach orienteering in your own country and at the same time participate in the world’s greatest orienteering event, O-Ringen.

The 2011 Academy has two streams:
Level 1 – Beginner
What is required in order to start up orienteering in your country?
The focus here is on the three base areas (all participants undergo the same programme):
1) Map drawing
2) Organisation – training and simple competitions
3) Beginners orienteering – coaching beginners

Level 2 – Advanced
What is required in order to further develop orienteering in your country, in specific areas?
Here you should choose the area you would like to focus on:
1) Map drawing
2) Organisation – bigger orienteering events
3) Advanced orienteering – coaching juniors and seniors
4) Trail-O

Many Canadians have attended in the past and would recommend the experience.