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Introducing the Canada Cup

The COF is pleased to announce the Canada Cup. There are 3 components to this exciting initiative.

“A meets” are now called Canada Cups

After lots of discussion, we feel that it’s a good time to change the name “A meet” to “Canada Cup”. We’re doing this for a few reasons:

  • “Canada Cup” is a more descriptive and publicly-familiar name.
  • A nation-wide Canada Cup series will provide increased visibility and marketing for our top quality events.
  • Nation-wide programs can be built on and around the Canada Cup series to encourage participation and skills development at all ages and levels. The Canada Cup Elite Series and the Canada Cup Challenge are two such programs under development.
  • Organizers will, hopefully, be excited to organize Canada Cup events – perhaps as one race of a multi-race weekend, providing more high quality racing opportunities for all Canadian orienteers.
  • The rebranding to Canada Cup is more attractive to sponsors.
  • We’re completely revamping the officials’ program so it’s a ideal time to introduce this change.
  • We’re going to change the name of B meets and C meets too – still working on the exact names.

What does this change mean for orienteering clubs?

  • We’ve updated the sanction form
  • Canada Cup events will be clearly listed on the COF schedule.
  • Clubs don’t need to change the way they name the event (eg Sage Stomp, Blue Nose Classic, GLOF, Barebones, etc) but in your event promo you’ll want to indicate that your event includes one or more Canada Cup races.
  • In a multi-race event it is not necessary for all races to be Canada Cup events.

Canada Cup Elite Series

The Canada Cup Elite Series is a yearly-point scoring competition for the W21 and M21 elite categories. It is targeted at the Training To Win stage of the COF’s Long Term Athlete Development Model. Runners score points for themselves and their clubs by placing well in the M21/W21 categories. Points are accumulated over the season and individual and club awards are presented at the end of the year. All Canada Cup races count toward the Elite Series standings, with bonus points for Canadian Championship races. You can find all the details of the Canada Cup Elite Series here.

What does this mean for event organizers?

  • The event organizers will need to submit the race results in a timely manner after the event, so that the scoring guru can get to work tabulating the points and update the COF website with the latest standings.

Canada Cup Challenge

The Canada Cup Challenge will be a scoring system that we’ll apply to all age categories. We haven’t ironed out all the details but we are working to create a system that will be meaningful and motivating to the widest range of orienteers, taking into account the Long Term Athlete Development plan currently under development. Stay tuned… as we’ll be launching this in the spring.

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