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Canadian orienteers - get your Digital Orienteering Map Archive (DOMA)

The Canadian Orienteering Federation has created a DOMA (Digital Orienteering Map Archive) that is available to all Canadian orienteers. A DOMA allows you to post your orienteering maps after you’ve scanned or taken a photo of your map after your race. Or you can draw your route and then post it, or for the techies out there, you can upload your gps track using a program such as QuickRoute (here’s an example)

If you would like a DOMA account send an email to domaATorienteeringDOTca with your full name and email address. This offer is open to all Canadian orienteers that are full members of their provincial/territorial orienteering associations. Check with your club to determine what your membership status is. After your request has been processed (give us a bit of time), you’ll find the DOMA here.

To see an existing DOMA in action, you can visit the COF’s other DOMA here. This DOMA is specifically for Canada’s High Performance Program athletes.

This is a new project of the COF. We look forward to providing Canadian orienteers will a on-line space to post and share their orienteering maps.

As always, we’re happy to hear your feedback on this new initiative.

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