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Team Announced for 2011 World Championships

Here is the Canadian National Team selected for the 2011 World Orienteering Championships in France. The team was selected by Magnus Johansson, Pam James and Brent Langbakk.

Women: Carol Ross, Emily Kemp, Louise Oram
Men: Damian Konotopetz, Mike Smith, Patrick Goeres, Robbie Anderson, Will Critchley, Wil Smith

How the Canadian WOC team is selected
The Canadian World Champs team is selected using a discretionary process. National Team Coach Magnus Johansson, with assistance from a small committee (comprised of Brent Langbakk and Pam James in 2011) selects the team using a combination of factors, which may include: results in priority races which are identified in advance; training consistency and quality; recent performances and experience at WOC and other major events; the opportunity to provide experience for younger athletes with potential for future success; and a demonstrated positive progression throughout the season.

The depth and strength of elite orienteering in Canada is growing and this means that inevitably there will be good orienteers who are not selected to the team. It is a mixed blessing, but it is this competition for places on the team that will continue to drive elite orienteering to new levels in Canada.

Race allocation
The team members have been allocated to the following races:
Sprint: Patrick G, Robbie A, Will C / Alternate: Damian K
Middle: Patrick G, Robbie A, Wil S / Alternate: Damian K
Long: Damian K, Will C, Wil S / Alternate: Robbie A
Relay: Mike S + two more to be decided later

Sprint: Carol R, Emily K, Louise O
Middle: Carol R, Emily K, Louise O
Long: Carol R, Louise O
Relay: Running order to be decided at WOC

Congratulations to all participants and good luck in your training and preparation for the World Orienteering Championships!

Any athlete who wishes, for any reason, to decline his/her position on the team, needs to contact Magnus ASAP.

Appeals can be submitted up to 5 days after this announcement has been made. The Appeal policy is here.

Magnus Johansson
National Team Coach

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