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Patrick Goeres is the new Athlete Representative

Brent Langbakk’s term as the Athletes’ Representative is now over. Brent is pleased to announce that Patrick Goeres will be taking over as the new Athletes’ Representative.

As a reminder, the Athletes’ Representative serves several important functions within the COF:
• sits as a full voting member on the COF Board
• attends the annual AthletesCAN Forum
• is a member of the High Performance Committee
• represents the national team athletes and acts on their behalf in the above venues

The Athletes’ Rep has to have been a senior National Team member in the last 8 years. The current junior and senior national teams elect an individual to fill the position. Back in January, the High Performance Committee called for nominations. No nominations were received so the High Performance Committee was left with the task of finding someone to fill this role.

Thank you Patrick Goeres for taking on the role as the new Athletes’ Representative. As well as being a long-standing member of the National Team, Patrick has already taken on several leadership roles. He has been a member of the High Performance Committee since its inception a couple of years ago so he is already familiar with much of what the role of Athletes’ Rep entails. Patrick’s term will be for two years until the 2013 AGM.

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