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COF Announces Brent Langbakk as Coach of the Junior National Orienteering Team

The Canadian Orienteering Federation (COF) and the High Performance Committee (HPC)  is pleased to announce Brent Langbakk of Whitehorse, Yukon, as the new coach of the Junior National Orienteering Team. Brent is a certified NCCP Level 3 coach and is also currently the head coach of the Yukon Orienteering Team. As testament to Brent’s success, in 2011 there were 7 Yukon athletes in the Canadian High Performance Program and Yukon athletes won 38 medals at the 2011 Canadian Championships. In 2010, Brent was awarded Coach of the Year by Sport Yukon. Brent was also one of three coaches involved in the 2011 National Summer Training Centre in Whitehorse and has served as the Athletes’ Representative on the COF Board. In this role he also served as the Chair of the High Performance Committee. Previously to his work as a coach, Brent had a long and impressive elite career himself as he represented Canada as an athlete at 5 World Orienteering Championships.

Canada recently has had only one National Team Coach, Magnus Johansson, who has been responsible for both senior and junior athletes. By creating the Junior National Team Coach position it will allow the two coaches to spend more time interacting with athletes. In particular the junior and senior athletes will now work with the same coach/team leader who will accompany them to the Junior World Orienteering Championships or World Orienteering Championships.

As well as leading the team to international events, such as the Junior World Championships, Brent will be responsible for the guidance and monitoring of junior HPP athletes throughout the year. He will work closely with Senior National Team Coach Magnus to ensure athletes can transition to the senior ranks smoothly and to resolve issues common to both teams. In addition, Brent will continue to be a member of and also report to the High Performance Committee.

“I am honoured to be given this opportunity. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly” explains Brent. “There is some momentum behind the High Performance Program now and junior development is key if we are to keep the momentum going. Canada has a talented crop of juniors who I am really looking forward to working with.”

“Having two national team coaches is a great step forward for high performance orienteering in Canada,” says Charlotte MacNaughton, COF Executive Director. “Brent is certainly well qualified for the role of junior national team coach and we are thrilled to have Brent joining Magnus in working closely with our elite orienteers.”

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