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Applications for 2012 High Performance Program Athlete & Volunteer Positions Now Open

The COF’s High Performance Committee (HPC) is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the Canadian High Performance Program. We are now accepting applications for athletes, as well as technical and non-technical volunteer positions.

Over the last few seasons, the High Performance Program (HPP) has made some big strides as a result of the hard work of the athletes and initiatives by the High Performance Committee. The success of our initiatives have not only contributed to a better racing and training environment for Canada’s best orienteers, but have also created an enhanced vibrancy in the entire Canadian orienteering community, and in particularly has given younger athletes a growing number of role models and reasons to be excited about the sport.

As the HPP continues to look forward, one of the most important steps is to provide better support for our national athletes at major international competitions, and therefore we are looking to fill the following roles.

For full job description and application details, please click on the link!

The 2012 version of the COF’s Athletes’ handbook is now on-line at

The Athletes’ Handbook outlines the process to become an athlete member of the COF’s High Performance Program in 2012. This HPP is designed to support Canada’s current and up-and-coming elite orienteers. Canadian athletes who are competitive in the 21-34 or 17-20 categories are eligible to become members of the HPP.

The Athletes’ Handbook also outlines the selection process for the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championships, World Orienteering Championships, World University Orienteering Championships and World Cup races. The handbook also includes information and the application for the 2012 Rising Stars awards.

There were 29 HPP members in 2011. How many will there be in 2012? The application deadline is December 31, 2011

The HPP is administered by the COF’s High Performance Committee. The HPC consists of a variety of Canadian orienteers from coast to coast, who are dedicated to enhancing and expanding elite orienteering in Canada. The HPC works throughout the year on various projects aimed at strengthening resources and support for our elite orienteers during the training season, providing sufficient support at international events, and promoting elite orienteering within the Canadian orienteering community and beyond. Some examples of HPC achievements for 2011 are the fundraising events (such as the HPP relay at the 2011 COC’s), the Canada Cup Elite Series, and arena organization at major events.

Canada’s High Performance Program
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