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Alberta looking for mappers for summer 2012

The Alberta Orienteering Association is currently looking for Canadian mappers who have extensive experience producing top quality orienteering maps (OCAD) to the latest ISOM and ISSOM standards to work on different projects in Alberta and BC during the summer of 2012, for a period of 8 weeks. The hourly pay rate will be $25.01.

The specifics areas where we want to map are still to be determined.

The mappers will be coordinated by the Alberta Orienteering Association.

If you are an interested mapper, and you have the experience send your resume at pascale AT orienteeringalberta DOT ca

2012 JWOC team announced

The COF’s High Performance Committee (HPC) is proud to announce the initial team selection for the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC). Once again, we had a strong group of focused athletes who wish to represent Canada at the World Championship level.

The JWOC team is heading to Slovakia from July 7 – 13. Below is the initial selection for the Canadian Team. Additional athletes may be added to the team in May.

Alex Bergstrom
Trevor Bray

Emily Kemp
Kendra Murray

Please join us in congratulating our athletes! Remember you can follow the progress of our JWOC team and High Performance Program (HPP) members as they gear up for JWOC, COC’s, and NAOC’s online:

Team Canada blog

Keep your comments and cheers coming, and show our athletes that your support!

To event organizers: sanctioning for Canada Cup races

Are you  thinking of organizing a Canada Cup race this year? (Remember – that’s what we call A meets now.) We want to know about it soon! The COF would like to publish a comprehensive list of Canada Cup races for the 2012 season. If you’re holding a Canada Cup race, please complete the sanction form and submit to or fax (403) 451-1681 by April 30th or earlier.

Do you have some questions?

My race isn’t until the fall, so why should I bother submitting the sanctioning request to the COF so far in advance?
Orienteers only have a certain travel budget per year. Having Canada Cup races can draw participants, particularly the elite group, to your events! Doesn’t every meet director want a high turnout to make their efforts worthwhile?

Fair enough. Are there any other benefits to my event?
The communications team of the High Performance Committee is working hard to promote the Canada Cup Elite Series which is part of each Canada Cup. So you get free publicity for your event!

Hmm, what kind of publicity are we talking about?
We’ll be making a song and dance of the Canada Cup races on, sending out emails to the o-squad and orienteeringcanada email lists, posting articles on the Team Canada Blog, and utilizing our ever increasing following on social media!

Why is the COF so keen to promote the Canada Cup and the Elite Series?
Part of the COF’s strategy is to make orienteering more publicly know and accessible, as well as encouraging strong competition and increased participation at all levels.  We also want to build the profile of the Canada Cup brand as we look for sponsorship.

But the sanctioning form says I only need to send in the sanction form 3 months in advance…
like we said above, we want to make a big deal about the Canada Cup and Elite Series, and we would like as much time as possible to do this. If your event is in our initial communications, it’ll be on the radar of more athletes!

Still have questions?
Email Charlotte at or visit the Canada Cup page.