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Looking for junior orienteers for on-line training pilot project


Do you know any intermediate level orienteers between the ages of 13 and 20 who love the sport and want to improve their skills?

This May, the Sass Peepre committee is launching a four month pilot project to provide online orienteering coaching to intermediate level junior orienteers who are not yet involved in the High Performance Program and who may not have access to coaching at the club level. It is recommended that all participants have a minimum of one or two seasons of orienteering experience.

Participants will meet bi-weekly (every two weeks) with a coach via Skype to analyze maps, practice visualization, and create friendships across the national junior orienteering community. Guest speakers will be invited to discuss orienteering techniques and strategies, training, and recent events. The exercises and sessions will be planned to meet the prescribed learning outcomes and goals of the Canadian Orienteering Federation’s Long Term Athlete Development program, a program which focuses on the development of both competitive and recreational life-long orienteers and physically active citizens.

The dates and times of the sessions will be determined by the time zones and availability of the participants. This program is free of cost. All participants must have access to Skype and a decent internet connection.

Interested juniors should complete the registration survey at  by Monday, May 7, 2012

For more information, contact any of the members of the Sass Peepre Committee:
Meghan Rance, Vancouver, meghan.rance AT
Kitty Jones, Calgary, kittyjones AT
Anne Teutsch, Ottawa, anne AT

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