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Athlete Profile: Michael Lucente

Born 1980
Hometown Ajax, ON
Currently living Cambridge, ON
Club Stars
Occupation Egineer

Career Highlights
It’s a bit early to comment on that!
2011 Highlights
A tough year in technical areas, like New York State. I had some decent runs closer to home, and I was happy with my Swiss run too.
When and how did you get involved with orienteering?
Two friends of mine needed a third teammate for GHO’s Raid the Hammer. I was around 22, and had no idea what I was getting into. We were the last team to finish, and had a great time.
What do you love most about orienteering?
Running hard through the woods
What is your favourite orienteering discipline, and why?
No favourites
Which orienteering event is always on your calendar?
Ontario’s Thomass winter series
Do you have an orienteering idol? If so, who and why?
No idols, yet!
What was the highlight of your 2011 season?
The opportunity to orienteering in Switzerland!
What are your 2012 orienteering goals?
I want to improve my consistency. No results> 125% of the winning time. That won’t be easy in rocky, technical areas.
What races are on your 2012 calendar?
Not sure yet, but I am planning to attend the North America Championships (NAOC’s), and the Ontario Championships
What is your favourite international orienteering location?
I haven’t travelled too much for orienteering, but Switzerland will be hard to beat.
When you’re not orienteering, where can we find you?
I’m a bore during the week, and I’m easy to find. I’m either at home, work, or cycling between the two. Good luck finding me on the weekends!

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