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2012 IOF Congress summary

The IOF Congress was held during the World Orienteering Championships in Lausanne, Swtizerland. The Congress is a set of meetings in which representatives from the IOF’s member federations discuss various issues related to international orienteering.

One of the meetings is the General Assembly which is held every second year and in which all member federations vote on various motions and IOF Council elections are held. This year there were 36 member nations present that were eligible to vote. Charlotte MacNaughton attended the meeting on behalf of Canada. The meeting materials, including the agenda are all available here.

Here is how Canada voted on the various issues:

  • Canada voted for the motion from the Nordic countries for the split WOC proposal. This motion was defeated. There were 16 votes for, and 20 against.
  • Italy then withdrew their motion for changes within the existing general WOC format.
  • The next vote was a vote for either the Council proposal or the Swiss proposal. If the split WOC decision was defeated, Canada had intended to vote for the Italian proposal, but after the Italian proposal was withdrawn, Canada voted for the Council proposal over the Swiss proposal. The Council proposal won this vote.
  • Next was a vote between the Council proposal and the status quo regarding the WOC format. Canada voted for the Council proposal which includes the long distance final, middle distance final, sprint qualification and final, mixed gender sprint relay, traditional relay.
  • Canada voted against the motion to include adventure racing under the IOF umbrella. Because the motion involved a change of the IOF’s statutes, it required 3/4 approval. It did not achieve the 3/4 approval level, so the motion was not carried. The majority were in favour of the motion and this IOF will look more closely at this issue.
  • Canada voted for the inclusion of at least one member of each gender at the Vice-President level and above on the IOF Council. The motion was defeated by a small margin.
  • For the IOF presidential election, Canada voted for Brian Porteous

In addition to the voting issues mention above, at the General Assembly Montenegro and Cyprus were accepted as new members of IOF. The IOF now has 73 members. The 2016 World Orienteering Championships were awarded to Sweden, the only applicant, and Sweden will also hold the World Trail Orienteering Championships. Norway will organize the 2015 World Ski Orienteering Championships.

The IOF’s Strategic Directions 2012-2018 and the activity plan for the next Congress period (2013-2014) were both accepted with minor amendments.  Delegates also agreed to the membership fees and budget plan for the Congress period.

Charlotte attended a meeting with the IOF Council with representatives from the various IOF regions (North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia). At this meeting, she expressed concern for Canada’s issue of frequently not having enough “ranked” women at WREs in order for the WRE scoring system to allocate points. A few statistical solutions were proposed. The COF will follow-up on this.

Charlotte also attended a meeting with representatives from the “outside-of-Europe” countries. She also attended the pre-general assembly, a 1/2 day meeting in which the voting procedure for the general assembly motions was outlined. All the candidates for election spoke at this meeting. The delegates also heard an update on ski-orienteering as well as a presentation from the IOF on growing orienteering globally.

Charlotte represented the COF in many discussions throughout the week on a new qualification scheme, and the COF plans to remain actively engaged in the process to create a new qualification process.

Any questions on the above, contact infoATorienteeringDOTca.

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