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Photo: JWOC long distance results board

Canada's Emily Kemp wins bronze medal at 2012 JWOC!

It’s a historic day for Canadian orienteering with Emily Kemp‘s bronze medal in the long distance race at the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Slovakia. Below is the press release. Emily wrote about her  race on the Team Canada blog.

Congratulations Emily!

Ottawa Sun: Ottawan Wins Orienteering Medal

Update #1 from the World Masters Champs

Eleven Canadians are currently competing in the World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOC) in Bad Harzburg, Germany. Monday July 2 was the sprint final at the World Masters. At the World Masters there are 5 year age categories starting at age 35. Eight Canadians took part in the sprint races. Here’s a list of each competitor, and their placing in the final:

(Name – age category – club – placing (final competitor raced in))
Mary-Lou Hogg – W55 – EOOC – 62 (B final)
Robyn Rennie – W55 – GVOC – 38 (A final)
Ilona Dobos – W65 – Stars – 61 (A final)
Sevastian Irimie – M50 – Stars – 29 (C final)
Bruce Rennie – M60 – GVOC – 24 (B final)
Alex Kerr – M75 – GVOC – 7 (A final)
Peter Dobos – M75 – Starts – 4 (B final)
Don Scott – M80 – EOOC – 4 (B final)

Congratulations to all the athletes!

There are lots of photos on the organizer’s website.

Next up is the long final. There have been 2 days of qualification races for the long final. You can find the start lists for the long final here.

Here’s an update from Edmonton Overlanders member Mary-Lou Hogg

Greetings from Bad Harzburg, Germany. We’re staying in Bad Harzburg until this coming Saturday, participating in the World Masters Orienteering Championships along with about 4,300 other orienteers from over 40 countries. Bad Harzburg (population 10,500 usually, close to 15,000 yesterday with the orienteers!) is a lovely town on the north edge of the Harz Mountains, (hills really), a spa town and health resort with hot salt water pools, walking trails, an orthopedic surgery clinic/hospital, lots of rehab places, and most of the people you meet on the street have grey hair and use either crutches, cane(s) or a walker. It looks like an orthopedic joint replacement surgeon’s idea of heaven. The town is full of houses over a hundred years old, 3 or 4 stories tall, with balconies, lovely old windows and flower boxes full of geraniums. Our hotel is such a place, probably about 20-25 rooms, lovely garden, family run, windows that open wide to let in fresh air and continuous birdsong, and serving delicious hearty breakfasts with good coffee, fresh buns, good cheese, cold sliced meat, fresh fruit, yoghurt and cold cereal. It suits us just fine. We’ve walked many km every day, it’s just that kind of place, and geocaching has been good fun too, have bagged 5 so far.

Sunday was the Sprint qualification race, right here in Bad Harzburg, about a 10 minute walk from our hotel. It was great fun running around the streets and parks and then meeting up with other Canadians to discuss our races. We’ve also met up with about a dozen Aussies we have got to know over the years. It was really quite a chuckle to watch the local people on the street as runners went racing this way and that, mainly seniors dressed up in Sunday clothes out for their Sunday stroll. They’d just stop and stand looking around with perplexed looks on their faces as other, often grey haired people, many in lycra (some not looking so sleek), others in the bright coloured pajamas look that orienteers are known for, went running by. You’d have to see it to really appreciate it but it makes me chuckle just to think about it. Monday was the Sprint final in the historic part of the town of Goslar about 10 km down the road. Don (Scott) came 4th out of 39 runners in his M80 B Final race much to his surprise. He was not fast but smart about his route choices.

We’re thinking that the prices here aren’t bad. Our hotel room is 68 Euros per night, breakfast included, beer is 1.70-2.50 Euros a bottle, gas is about 1.59 Euros/liter. Bakeries are plentiful around town and I think the breakfasts at the hotels keep them in good business as well. They all have counters with display cases full of delicious cakes and cookies. In fact, we called bakery goodies lunch one day, and supper the next day… with such great breakfasts it’s easy to get a bit off kilter with regular meals. They like their ice cream treats here too, and they have some totally delicious decadent ones.

AB Orienteering looking for mappers

The Alberta Orienteering Association is currently looking for Canadian mappers who have extensive experience producing top quality orienteering maps (OCAD) to the latest ISOM and ISSOM standards to work on different projects in Alberta and BC during the summer of 2012, for a period of 8 weeks. The hourly pay rate will be $25.01.

The specifics areas where we want to map are still to be determined.

The mappers will be coordinated by the Alberta Orienteering Association.

If you are an interested mapper and you have the experience send your resume at pascaleATorienteeringalbertaCOTca