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CTV EVENING NEWS: Emily Kemp Wins Bronze at JWOC

Whitehorse Daily Star: Athletes Compete Near And Far

July 2012 Informal Canadian elite rankings: Women

End of July 2012

1 Louise Oram GVOC 0.34
2 Katarina Smith Falcons 0.74
3 Carol Ross Falcons 3.60
4 Molly Kemp OOC 8.29
5 Pam James YOA 9.87
6 Galyna Petrenko UKR 10.69
7 Andrea Balakova GVOC 19.95
8 Laura Teutsch OOC 22.71
9 Sarah Brandreth FWOC 24.56
10 Tori Owen FWO 31.53
11 Abbigail May Sage 36.36
12 Meghan Rance GVOC 36.72
13 Jennie Anderson OOC 50.41
14 Jackie Bonn GVOC 58.36

July 2012 Informal Canadian elite rankings: Men

End of July 2012

1 Eric Kemp OOC -3.63
2 Patrick Goeres Cde. B -0.17
3 Serghei Logvin GHO 0.58
4 Will Critchley EOOC 1.00
5 Magnus Johansson GVOC 1.99
6 Jon Torrance OOC 2.75
7 Wil Smith Falcons 2.99
8 Mike Smith Falcons 3.30
9 Jeffrey Teutsch    OOC 3.65
10 Nick Duca Stars 3.91
11 Hans Fransson GHO 4.96
12 Brian May Sage 7.24
13 Patrick Saile GVOC 7.32
14 Brent Langbakk YOA 7.54
15 Francis Falardeau Viking 7.86
16 Mike Waddington    GHO 8.27
17 Steven Graupner    Cde. B 9.48
18 Michael Lucente    GGO 10.22
19 Graeme Rennie GVOC 10.78
20 Damian Konotopetz Cde. B 12.56
21 Matthew Hryciuk    GVOC 14.67
22 Andrei Logvin GHO 17.73
23 James Connell OOC 30.21
24 Nathan Barrett GVOC 31.78
25 Trevor Bray YOA 33.09
26 Nikolay Ryabkov    VO2 37.85
27 Adam Woods GVOC 38.73
28 Randy Kemp OOC 43.06
29 Raymond Chung TOC 45.48
30 Thomas Graupner    Cde. B 56.14
31 Troy Barrie GVOC 62.88
32 Chris Sigvaldson EOOC 73.86

Looking for donations for the silent auction at the 2012 COCs

One of the main fundraisers for the COF’s High Performance Program is the silent auction that is held in conjunction with the banquet at the Canadian Orienteering Championships in Alberta. Members of the high performance program will be donating items, but we greatly appreciate donations from the Canadian orienteering community. Here are a few ideas:

  • Could your club donate an entry to an upcoming event?
  • Are you a crafter – can you donate something like a pair of home-made mittens or a hat? pottery? weaving? sculpture? jewellery?
  • Are you a foodie – can you donate a jar of home-made jam, a batch of cookies, some home-made granola
  • Do you have a  cabin that you could donate a gift certificate for a weekend or a week’s stay at?
  • Do you live in a tourist destination and could offer B&B for a weekend or longer? (especially if it was in conjunction with future orienteering events)
  • Are you an artist – do you have a sketch of an orienteering scene, or a great photograph that you could put in a frame?
  • Could you ask your local running/sport store to donate an item?
  • Do you have a new unused item kicking around your house that you would love to get rid of – it might just be someone else’s treasure!
  • other ideas? Think about what you would like to bid on.

If you have an item to donate, you can bring it with you to Alberta or send it along with someone who is attending (Here’s the list of attendees). Or contact Charlotte MacNaughton to make other arrangements. Or if you have any questions.

Ideally, please give your silent auction item to Charlotte MacNaughton or any member of the High Performance Program prior to Sat Aug 18 to help us with smoothly setting up the auction. But you can also bring your item to the auction if you haven’t had a chance to submit it earlier. You can also leave it at the registration desk when you pick up your event package.

Your support is much appreciated… And if you are coming to the COCs, please bid generously! Don’t forget your wallet and/or your cheque book. Cash or cheque is the preferred payment method. But we can sort out other options if you don’t have enough cash or a cheque with you.

Those of you who have been to one before know that the Silent Auction is a lot of fun, often with frantic bidding as time runs out. You never know what the highly sought after items will be. And if you can’t make it to Alberta this year, there is always the option of allowing a trusted friend to bid for you! Just give a budget limit and an idea of what you want.

About the High Performance Program

The High Performance Program (HPP) is a support system for athletes who show potential to represent Canada at Junior World Championships and World Championships. The HPP includes athletes, but also the support system of volunteers and coaches as we try to encourage a broader community around our top athletes. HPP projects and initiatives include:

  • The Rising Stars Award
  • Fundraising events such as this Silent Auction and the upcoming HPP fundraiser event in Edmonton
  • Providing training opportunities such as the spring training camps in Hamilton and Canmore
  • Raising the profile of elite orienteering through, for example, implementing the red group at major competitions, introducing the Canada Cup Elite Series, and maintaining a blog of HPP activities

Talent + Dedication + Support –> Performance + Growth

Canadian Orienteering Federation High Performance Program

Talent + Dévouement + Support –> Performance + Croissance
Le Programme de Haute Performance de la Fédération Canadienne de Course d’Orientation

Dec 2011 Informal Canadian elite rankings: Women

End of Dec 2011

1 Louise Oram GVOC -1.67
2 Katarina Smith Falcons    0.08
3 Carol Ross Falcons    1.59
4 Claire Critchley EOOC 9.32
5 Katherine Scheck YOA 9.39
6 Pam James YOA 10.48
7 Galyna Petrenko UKR 13.90
8 Molly Kemp OOC 14.60
9 Andrea Balakova GVOC 16.71
10 Abbigail May    Sage 17.70
11 Marie Cat Bruno Sage 19.88
12 Laura Teutsch OOC 23.35
13 Sarah Brandreth FWOC 29.95
14 Charlotte MacNaughton FWOC 34.79
15 Meghan Rance    GVOC 36.07

Dec 2011 Informal Canadian elite rankings: Men

End of Dec 2011

1 Robbie Anderson OOC -1.57
2 Will Critchley EOOC 0.05
3 Eric Kemp OOC    1.52
4 Nick Duca Stars  2.97
5 Wil Smith Falcons 3.09
6 Magnus Johansson GVOC    3.60
7 Mike Smith Falcons 3.76
8 Jon Torrance    OOC 4.30
9 Jeffrey Teutsch OOC 4.30
10 Hans Fransson GHO 4.83
11 Serghei Logvin GHO 4.95
12 Patrick Saile GVOC 5.03
13 Brian May Sage 5.38
14 Brent Langbakk YOA 6.16
15 Damian Konotopetz Cde. B 6.44
16 Graeme Rennie GVOC 6.85
17 Steven Graupner Cde. B 8.50
18 Francis Falardeau Viking 9.77
19 Michael Lucente GGO 12.24
20 Forest Pearson YOA 15.67
21 Matthew Hryciuk GVOC    19.59
22 Randy Kemp OOC 38.35
23 Troy Nipen-Barrie GVOC 44.18
24 Thomas Graupner Cde. B 44.53
25 Raymond Chung TOC 47.32
26 Nathan Barrett GVOC 51.01