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New Zealand World Cups on now: Carol Ross and Will Critchley for Canada

The first orienteering World Cups of the 2013 season are on now in New Zealand. Representing Canada are Carol Ross of Moncton and Will Critchley of Edmonton.

This year’s World Cup starts with three events in New Zealand as part of the Oceania Carnival. More than 120 athletes from 20 nations have gathered on the country’s North Island to take part. In addition to the World Cup athletes, the Carnival has received entries from more than 900 runners from 28 countries.

World Cup starts on Sunday

The World Cup gets under way on Sunday with a Middle Distance race on intricately contoured open and forested sand dune terrain at Waikawa Beach on the west coast. The course planner is Yvette Baker, who as Yvette Hague took the gold medal at Short Distance (the equivalent of Middle Distance today) in the 1999 World Championships in Scotland. The race starts at 9.30 New Zealand time. Good summer weather (but not too hot) is promised!

The World Cup then moves into Wellington for a Sprint qualification and final on successive days, Monday and Tuesday, and the last event is a Middle Distance chasing start on Sunday 13th January.

Thirteen events in 2013 World Cup

In addition to the World Championships finals in Finland in July, there are two more rounds of the World Cup: the Nordic Tour at the beginning of June comprising 5 events in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and the traditional final 2 races in Switzerland in October.  In all there are 13 events, and athletes’ total scores will be calculated as the sum of all scores in New Zealand and on the Nordic Tour, plus the best 2 scores from the 3 World Championships finals together with the Middle Distance race in Switzerland, plus the score for the Word Cup Final. Athletes have to run in all 5 events of the Nordic Tour to qualify for points from these events. There is a prize money ‘pot’ of 7,000 Euros to be divided amongst the first 6 in the overall women’s and men’s standings at the end of the series.

More information is available from the International Orienteering Federation and directly from the event website. You can get first hand accounts from Will and Carol on the Team Canada blog.

Go Carol and Will! We’re cheering for you.

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