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Contract job opportunity: Sass Peepre On-line Training

Contract Job Opportunity for an Experienced Orienteer
Part?time for Feb 20 through April 2013


Goal: To assist, on an occasional basis, with delivering an online training series to the new pre-HPP Youth Squad

The Sass Peepre Committee has hired a coordinator to deliver online training to a group of pre-HPP juniors ages 14-16. The online training sessions will begin in mid-February and continue until approximately late April. They will be weekly and will include discussions, presentations, map analysis sessions, etc.

An assistant is required to deliver the program approximately 3 separate weeks (when the coordinator is unavailable) during the 10-week series.

The time commitment will be a total of 15 hours. This will involve 3-5 hours for each session, to include preparation in advance, leading the skype session for two (2) separate groups (maximum 8 participants per group), and recording what was discussed at the session.

The wage will be $20/hour.

Interested persons should email a letter of interest, including relevant background, to Kitty Jones at by February 18, 2013.

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