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Contract Job Opportunity

Contract Job Opportunity for an Experienced Orienteer
Part-time for 6 months January through June, 2014

COORDINATOR for SPOTT: Sass Peepre Orienteering Training for Teens
Goal: To coordinate orienteering training for teens across Canada

The Sass Peepre Junior Development Committee wishes to hire an experienced orienteer to implement a training program for teen athletes across Canada from January through June 2014.

The 2013 “pre-HPP program” is evolving. In 2014, it will be called SPOTT. It is anticipated that most participants will be at the “Train to Train” stage, with some being at the “Learn to Compete” stage (see Orienteering Canada’s LTAD Guide).

The coordinator will be expected to organize and run 12 biweekly (once every 2 weeks) online sessions (using skype) that will include discussions, map study, guest speakers, Catching Features games, and other orienteering activities. The coordinator will arrange for guest speakers on a broad range of topics including competition, mapping, coaching, course setting and event organization.

In addition to these online group sessions, the coordinator will take the lead in implementing the use of other networking tools (Facebook, Attack Point. etc.) that will allow SPOTT athletes to connect with each other directly. Also, (s)he will organize some activities that participants could do in between online sessions, either alone or with a buddy.

  • SPOTT 2014 will run for 6 months from January through June.
  • The time commitment for the coordinator will be an average of about 12 hours per month, for a total of about 75 hours.
  • The coordinator will recruit participants, schedule the online meetings, arrange for guest speakers, organize the topics and curriculum, prepare and distribute any documents needed for the online sessions, and ensure that the meetings run smoothly.
  • The coordinator will explore and implement (as time allows) the use of other technologies to assist the group in communications and networking.
  • The number of participants involved will depend on the number of juniors interested. If more than 12 juniors sign up, the program delivery may be altered by increasing the number of hours worked or by hiring a second coordinator.
  • The coordinator will communicate with a representative of the Sass Peepre Junior Development Committee:
    • Prior to starting the program to approve the plans, and
    • Monthly, once the training sessions begin, to discuss progress, concerns and any modifications recommended

Contract wages: $20/hour for a maximum budget of $1,500

Orienteers interested in this job should send a letter indicating their interest, along with their resume, to Kitty Jones at kittyjones AT shaw DOT ca  by December 15, 2013.

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