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Athlete Profile: Kerstin Burnett

Kerstin Burnett - photo credit_World of O

Born 1992
Hometown Whitehorse, Yukon
Currently living Uppsala, Sweden
Club Yukon Orienteering Associaton/OK Linne
Occupation Student
Training log Attackpoint
Twitter Handle @yukonkerstin

What was your final placing in the 2013 Canada Cup Elite Series standings?
I was living in Europe and so did not participate in any Canada Cup races this year.

What were your top race results for 2013?

  • World Orienteering Championships (Finland)
    • Long Qualification 3: 21 of 24
    • Middle Qualification 1: 18 of 28
    • Relay (team placing): 20 of 26
  • XXV Trofeo Internacional Costa Cálida (Spain)
    • Long (WRE): 8 of 14
  • Danish Spring (Denmark)
    • “Chase” (WRE): 18 of 30
  • Nordic Tour part 1 (Norway)
    • Sprint (World Cup): 55 of 55
    • Middle (World Cup): 52 of 54
  • Tallinn O Week (Estonia)
    • Final (2-day total): 5 of 11
  • O-Ringen (Sweden)
    • D21K overall result (5-day total): 7 of 140

How did you do in the 2013 Canadian Orienteering Championships?
I was living in Sweden, and didn’t attend the COCs

Which of your 2013 result(s) are you most proud of, and why?
I am most proud of my Middle Q at WOC. I only just missed qualifying for the finals, and I had a good race – I met my tactical/technical goals, and I felt that I was focused and moving well. I was also very pleased with most of my races at O-Ringen. I ran in the D21 Short category so that I would not feel too pressured, and the result was that I enjoyed the races and was able to push myself physically and technically, without getting too worn out or getting anxious about results, and I ended up placing well anyway.

What races are on your 2014 calendar?
I am in Europe all spring and summer, so I hope to get to many races from World Cups in Spain and Turkey, to the WOC (Italy) and JWOC (Bulgaria) public races, as well as local and national races in Sweden. It would be awesome to do some of the big relays again too – 10Mila and Jukola/Venla. I plan to be back in time for Canadians and North Americans.

Which race(s) are you most excited about in 2014?
I am looking forward to the Silva league races in Sweden, as they will provide some tough technical courses, and I am really excited about the terrain for Antalya O Days/World Cup in Turkey.

What is your favourite post-race indulgence?
Immediately after a race, I like sparkling water. I know some people will think that is crazy – I’ve heard many complaints when the available water is sparkling not still, but I love the feeling of it when I am thirsty and exhausted.

What are your 2014 goals outside of orienteering?
I want to travel as much as I can while in Europe, and become more confident in foreign situations and in interactions with unfamiliar people.

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