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Athlete Profile: Michael Svoboda

Born 1999
Hometown Calgary, Alberta
Currently living Calgary, Alberta
Club Foothill Wanderers Orienteering Club
Occupation Student
Training log Attackpoint
Blog Michael Svoboda

What was one of the highlights of your 2016 season?

Best Canadian male result at JWOC 2016 for the Middle distance (17th B-final). Third place at NAOC 2016 (first Canadian male)

Which race/races are you most excited about for 2017?


What race/event is on your orienteering bucket list?

WOC Middle, Long, and Sprint

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

Physics is interesting and super practical.

What are some of your 2017 goals outside of orienteering?

Have my acceptance finalized to the UofC, make finals at Canadian Bouldering Nationals

What orienteering techniques are you currently working on to improve?

Overspeed orienteering, Flow, Concentration, Speed Adaptation, Map Reading, Map Contact, Compass

Tell us about other ways you are involved in orienteering (eg, coaching, mapping, organizing events…)

I make ISSOM sprint maps. Also I’m on the FWOC Mapping Committee.

What tip would you give a beginner or intermediate orienteer?

Start early and be in a place with lots of young orienteers so that you have fun.

What sort of mental training do you do to improve your orienteering?

Never Stopping orienteering, 1st Control Training, Traffic Orienteering

Describe one of your favourite training exercises.

Orienteering intervals – Several short courses (alternatively parts of a long course) which I run at race pace, with breaks between each course.

How do you use technology tools or gadgets to enhance your training (software, apps, gps watch, Catching Features, GoPro…)? Tell us about your favourites.

Attackpoint, Garmin GPS watch, OCAD, Condes


Michael is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2017 High Performance Program

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