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Athlete Profile: Roan McMillan

Born 1997
Hometown Vancouver, British Columbia
Currently living North Vancouver, British Columbia
Club Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club
Occupation Student
Training log Attackpoint

How did you do in the 2013 Canadian Orienteering Championships?

  • Sprint – 7th M17-20
  • Long – 6th M17-20
  • Middle – 7th M17-20

Which of your 2013 result(s) are you most proud of, and why?
I am most proud of the Queen Elizabeth Park race in the Vancouver Sprint Camp, because it was my most flawless and smooth race I have run, and I was proud how I compared to the other competitors.

What races are on your 2014 calendar?
COCs, WCOCs, Vancouver Sprint Camp, Barebones, local events

What race/races are you most excited about for 2014?
I am most excited about the Vancouver Sprint Camp, because the sprint is my favourite distance, and I get to run in the city that I live in.

What is your favourite post-race indulgence?
I love eating pasta after a race.

What are your 2014 goals outside of orienteering?
My goals are to continue getting good grades in my grade 11 year, get a job, and have fun :)

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