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Mapping Opportunity in Yukon

Mapping Opportunity

The Yukon Orienteering Association has a number of orienteering mapping projects we must complete in 2014. Two positions are available for “Orienteering Mapper”. Job Duties: Field checking of several forested areas within fifteen kilometres of downtown Whitehorse; Creation of both urban sprint maps and forest orienteering maps to current ISSOM and ISOM standards respectively; map drafting including artwork, legend etc using OCAD software; Map drafting including artwork, legend using OCAD software.

Terms of Employment: Temporary contract position of 4 to 5 weeks between June and August 2014. $30 /hour; 40 hours/week max

Education and Work Experience required: No particular formal education requirements however must be fully conversant with ISOM and ISSOM specifications and have many years of orienteering experience.

Benefits: Assistance to find housing and a vehicle will be provided

Contact Yukon Orienteering Association, 4061-4th Avenue , Whitehorse , YT , Y1A 1H1
or Contact Ross Burnett at rossupnorth “AT” hotmail “dot” com

JWOC 2014 Preliminary Selection Announced

Orienteering Canada is pleased to announce that the following athletes have been preliminarily selected to represent Canada at the 2014 Junior World Orienteering Championships, or JWOC. This championship will be held in Borovets, Bulgaria from July 21-27, 2014.

Team Canada
Pia Blake (Whitehorse, YT)
Emma Sherwood (Calgary, AB)

Alexander Bergstrom (Ottawa, ON)
Trevor Bray (Whitehorse, YT)
Robbie Graham (Ottawa, ON)
Michael Svoboda (Calgary, AB)
Adam Woods (Coquitlam, BC)

The press release is available at the link below.

“Take Control” Training Weekend with WRE Adviser Clinic


Orienteering Ottawa is hosting an exceptional weekend of events, training and workshops April 25 – 27, 2014. This is a great opportunity to train and race on the terrain you will meet up with at the 2014 North American Orienteering Championships in Arnprior, Canada in October. There will be 3 low-key races and 2 training sessions on the Carp Ridge (The Barrens map) and March Highlands. There will also be an IOF Event Adviser’s Clinic with David Rosen who is the chair of the IOF Rules Commission and the event adviser for the 2014 NAOCs. If you participate in the Event Adviser Clinic you can also participate in the sprint, middle and long races over the weekend.

Check out the event brochure for more details.

About the IOF Event Adviser Clinic
In order to host world ranking events (WRE) in Canada and the US , we are required to have an IOF accredited event advisor involved with the event. The list of event advisers in North America is small and both Orienteering Canada and Orienteering USA would like to increase the number of WRE event advisers in North America.

A WRE Event Adviser does not replace the role of the controller at an event. The event adviser assists in addition to the controller.

The IOF requirements to become a WRE event adviser in foot orienteering are:

  1. Be an active foot orienteer.
  2. Have competed in countries other than your own.
  3. Have successfully controlled major national events in the last 3 years.
  4. Be competent in the English language.
  5. Have attended, and have been an active participant in, an IOF Event Advisers Clinic
  6. Be familiar with the following IOF Publications:
    • Competition Rules for Foot Orienteering Events
    • International Specifications for Orienteering Maps
    • Control Descriptions
    • Principles for Course Planning
    • World Ranking Events Handbook
  7. Be recognised as a top standard controller/event adviser and endorsed as suitable by your national orienteering federation.

You can take the event adviser clinic before you’ve controlled a major national event. The requirements don’t need to be done in a specific order.

Athlete Profile: Emma Sherwood

Born 1997
Hometown Calgary, Alberta
Currently living Prince George, British Columbia
Club Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club
Occupation  Geographic Sciences Student at UBC/Co-op Student (GIS Technician)
Training log Attackpoint

What race are you looking forward to in 2019?

GVOC Sprint Camp

What is your favourite orienteering event that you have done so far?

I really enjoyed NAOCs in Whitehorse last summer

Which map in Canada do you think all orienteers have to try at least once?

Rumsey in Alberta is quite a fun map – fast running speeds, good hills, cows.

How do you normally prepare for an important race?

In the months leading up to it, I plan my training so as to be at my physical peak for the race, I train on terrain and maps similar to the event, and I look at old maps of the area, making courses and planning routes. For the day of the race, I make sure to get enough sleep, eat my normal pre-race breakfast, and do a good physical and mental warmup.

What do you like to do outside of orienteering?

Recently I’ve been climbing and reading in my spare time.


Emma S is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2019 High Performance Program.

Mapping Opportunities

The Orienteering Association of British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick are currently looking for Canadian mappers who have extensive experience producing top quality orienteering maps (OCAD) to the latest ISOM and ISSOM standards to work on different projects in Alberta, BC and New Brunswick during the summer of 2014, for a period of time between 14 to 21 weeks. The hourly pay rate will be $29.25.
The specifics areas where we want to map are still to be determined, but will include the Lower Mainland and East Kootenay areas of BC, Edmonton area for Alberta and to be determined in New Brunswick.
The mappers will be coordinated by the Alberta Orienteering Association for the administration part of the process, in conjunction with the Orienteering Association of British Columbia & Orienteering New Brunswick.
If you are an interested mapper, and you have the experience, send your resume at

Job Opportunity with Golden Horseshoe Orienteering

Golden Horseshoe Orienteering (GHO) has an opening for the position of Adventure Running Senior Program Manager. In this assignment your key responsibilities will include all tasks associated with the roles of Adventure Running Kids Senior Program Manager, Golden Horseshoe Orienteering Senior Program Manager, and similar roles as conditions and programs evolve. While the Adventure Running Kids program will enjoy top priority during spring and autumn sessions and during summer camp programming, the other duties listed will remain in focus throughout the year as important and continuous assignments.

For the complete job ad and contact details go to this link.