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2014 Annual General Meeting

Friday 1st August, 2014
4:00 pm PDT
Millennium Place, Whistler Village, 4335 Blackcomb Way, Whistler British Columbia

The AGM is the one time of year when all the members of Orienteering Canada (the provincial/territorial associations) gather to discuss and decide on the business tasks of the association (such as electing board members, making changes to the constitution, reviewing the financial statements, etc).

2014 AGM documents:

(other documents and links for the above will be added here as they are available)

Other documents of interest:

2014 AGM information

Voting delegates confirmed to date:

BC John Rance
Yukon Ross Burnett
Alberta Kim Kasperski
Manitoba Sheldon Friesen
Ontario Mike Waddington
Quebec Bill Anderson
New Brunswick Harold McQuade
Nova Scotia Ashley Harding

The position of President (2 year term), and 2 members at large of the Board (2 year terms) will be up for election. Nominations received:

President: Anne Teutsch, nominated by Orientering Quebec and seconded by the Ontario Orienteering Association

Member at large: Don Riddle, nominated by the Alberta Orienteering Association and seconded by the Orienteering Association of BC

Member at large: Jim Blanchard, nominated by the Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia and seconded by Orienteering New Brunswick


1) Special Resolution to transition to the new NFP Act

2) Budgets

May newsletter - course planning

Orienteering Canada’s May newsletter “O-Canada” is now available here. This issue is all about courses planning. Great tips for course planners of all levels. Thanks to all the contributors.

Subscribe directly to the newsletter here.

You can view the Orienteering Canada newsletter archive here.

Happy reading!

Orienteering in the news: from Kamloops This Week

Kamloops This Week reporter Adam Williams went orienteering at one of Sage’s events Kenna Cartwright Park. Adam concludes that “orienteering was a hell of a lot of fun”. Great to hear Adam enjoyed it! Here’s a link to the article:

Coach Profile: Raphael Ferrand

Raphael Ferrand

Born 1986
Hometown Grenoble, France
Currently living Oslo, Norway
Club Grenoble Université Club
Occupation Orienteering and physical coach, and web designer

Please list your best and proudest orienteering achievements to date.
As an athlete when I was in the French group. And as a coach each time one of the athletes I coach manages to reach his/her goal, no matter how “high” it is.

What is your first orienteering memory?
The first time as a competitor was with my family. My brothers came willing to show off their athletic skills, wearing running shorts and sleeveless tee-shirts, fighting with the organisation to be allowed to run the hardest class route. They came back all covered in blood from feet to head. So late that everybody was already home.

What is your favourite orienteering story or experience?
I remember two particular stories from Orienteering that could be on cinema.

The first takes place in the last leg of the 2005 Tiomila, between Petr Losman running for SNO and Tore Sandvik for Halden. Because of the non-forking, of the Swedish relay rules, and of the level of his opponents, Petr tactic was to follow Tore the whole leg, not letting him 1 meter. Tore who understood Petr tactic faked a head-lamp problem in order to let some distance between them two and not having Petr following him. But sticking to his tactic, Petr waited for him walking in the starting corridor. The whole race’s been like this. Petr not even pretending to do orienteering. Not even when Tore told him off or when he pretended to be lost. No. Assuming the whole time that he was following him. And so arrived the last control. Tore, a few meters in front, maybe because of the anger and the lack of focus, took a bad lane. And Petr just sprinted in the good one and won the Tiomila 2005. Who said Orienteering cannot be entertaining?

The second one is a nice one. This one takes place in 2009, in the WOC relay, last leg. The Swedish runner leading, Martin Johansson got penetrated 12cm deep by a stick. But the Czech Michael Smola, the Norwegian Anders Nordberg and the French Thierry Gueorgiou stopped there their race to help him, one going to call for help while the two others were applying some compression to the wound with their GPS harness and their shirt, and carrying him to a road. Letting go away the medals.

Is there a particular map/area where you could never get sick of orienteering?
Sisteron-Forcalquier area in France.

If you could fly anywhere in the world to orienteer, where would you go, and why?
Tepuy Roraima in Venezuela, the inaccessible House of Gods.

If you could get orienteering coaching from anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be, and why?
Thierry Georgiou, because he’s an orienteering technique brainiac. And Emil Zatopek for his love of sport and fair-play over the results.

Aside from orienteering, what other sports do you do on a regular basis?
Xc-skiing, trail running, and mountain-bike.

What is your favourite pre-race breakfast/snack?
A big fat poutine ! No, I try not to have too many routines, it makes us weak.

Tell us something that we might not know about you….
I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.

NOW 2014 wraps up

Over 22 orienteering events were held across Canada during the 2014 version of National Orienteering Week. A big thanks from Orienteering Canada to all the clubs and volunteers who organized these events.

NOW_thankyou to clubs

National Orienteering Week 2014 is underway

May 3 – 11 is National Orienteering Week – a great time to try the sport of orienteering. Visit the NOW page here and check out the press release below.

Orienteering Mapper(s) Wanted for summer/fall 2014 – Ontario Canada

DontGetLost Adventure Running (a.k.a. Golden Horseshoe Orienteering) is seeking one or more experienced orienteering mappers to execute fieldwork and drafting projects in summer or fall of 2014. The ideal candidate(s) will have extensive experience making high quality IOF standard orienteering maps, including both fieldwork and drafting using OCAD mapping software. Mapping projects to be assigned will include updates to existing IOF standard maps as well as the creation of entirely new maps, and will include a range of intended uses from informal training sessions to adventure running events to championship level orienteering events.

International candidates: a Labour Market Opinion process will be followed to secure work permit(s) as needed, should no qualified Canadian candidate(s) be found.

To apply:

Please send letters of interest (including details regarding experience and qualifications, and links to sample maps online), and enquiries, to:

GHO Mapping Hiring Manager at MappercandidateATdontgetlostDOTca