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Impact magazine - orienteering to increase training diversity


Super to see orienteering listed a a great activity to increase one’s training diversity in this article in Impact Magazine written by well respected coach Cal Zaryski of Critical Speed in Calgary, AB.

7 great ways to diversify your training routine

By Calvin Zaryski

As an endurance racer for more than 30 years, I know keeping the motivation from season to season can be challenging. Even as a triathlete, the same old swimming, biking and running gets stale. Here are a few activities that can recharge your batteries and add some much-needed diversity to your training patterns. Changing your routine can build new motor skills and strengthen your mental toughness and satisfaction as an athlete.

When you choose to diversify your training, start slow, seek professional guidance and keep it fun. My aim this year is to try fun events such as obstacle runs and cyclocross and to dabble in group circuit training. It’s going to be a good year.

Trail running with a twist offers so many benefits. Humans naturally connect well with nature and silence. Add in some map reading and cerebral effort and you have a winner. Variable terrain offers amazing fitness benefits, great agility and coordination with total mental focus on being in the moment. Ankle, knee and hip strength will benefit without the impact forces present in road running. Throw in some friendly competition and pressure and you have a great sport.

Other activities on the list:

  • golf
  • high altitude hiking
  • tennis
  • obstacle course racing
  • group conditioning classes
  • soccer

from Impact Magazine July/August 2014


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