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NAOC relay - message from the High Performance Committee

Message from Brent Langbakk to W/M 20 and 21E athletes at NAOC 2014 – re the relay

I just want to give you a quick update on what is happening for the NAOC relays on Monday. The High Performance Committee has asked me to take care of selections for the relay teams.

The teams must be submitted Sunday evening by 7:30pm. Therefore the selections will be based primarily on the results and performance in the NAOC  middle and the long.

The race format is the IOF Sprint relay format – four person, mixed relay, with a woman running the first and fourth legs.

We can enter as many teams as possible. There will still be 20- and 21-34 categories and they will be on the same course and start in the same mass start. Each leg of the relay is designed for a winning time of about 12-15 minutes. All legs will include forking. Each North American country (USA, Canada) will be able to enter as many teams as they can field with the restriction that registration is limited to those athletes who have competed in the elite (M20-E, F20-E, M21-34E, F21-34E) classes in the individual races. More details are here.

We can enter as many teams as possible, and the top three teams will score points (in both Junior & Senior categories).

Team composition and running order will be decided by me.

Any questions, please contact Brent at brent (AT) orienteering (DOT) ca



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