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Sass Peepre Orienteering Training for Teens

SPOTT 2015 – Sass Peepre Orienteering Training for Teens

SPOTT 2015 is an on-line program for orienteers aged 13 – 18. SPOTT builds smarter, more prepared orienteers through off-season, on-line discussions, activities, games and mentoring. SPOTT also seeks to expand the teen athlete’s orienteering community by extending the opportunity to interact with orienteers of like ages from just summer to year-round.

SPOTT aims to facilitate the goals of teen orienteers in whatever role you seek, be it athlete (HPP or other), coach, event organizer, or mapper, as you continue to grow in orienteering. SPOTT 2015 will provide coaching, training and mentoring. SPOTT will include some exposure to mapping, coaching, course setting and event organization.

Athletes in the SPOTT program will meet on-line about once every 2 weeks for one hour from January through June. These sessions will include discussions, map study, guest speakers, Catching Features games, and other orienteering training activities. In addition, SPOTT will use a variety of social networking tools to develop a nation-wide community of juniors who want to actively pursue orienteering. Where possible, the Sass Peepre Junior Development Committee will identify local mentors who are willing to assist with outdoor training for SPOTT participants in May and June.

The program fee is $80 ($65 for additional siblings in the same household), which will help defray the costs of program preparation and delivery. Sass Peepre funds will cover the remaining program costs.

Further details about the SPOTT 2015 program will be available by the end of December. If you might be interested in participating in SPOTT, please contact Marsha Fehr (mfehr AT telusplanet DOT net). If you would be willing to be a guest speaker or mentor, please contact Kitty Jones (kittyjones AT shaw DOT ca).

Questions? Contact any of the members of the Sass Peepre Junior Development Committee: Lori H (New Brunswick), Anne T (Ottawa), Eugene M (Toronto), Kitty J, Karen M & Marsha F (Calgary).

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