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Athlete Profile: Jan-Erik Naess

Born  1998
Hometown Mississauga, ON,
Currently living Calgary, AB
Club FWOC, Fossum IF
Occupation Student
Training Log Attackpoint
Blog URL

What race are you looking forward to in 2019?

This year I am most looking forward to running for my team at Jukola. Last year was my first time running this as a part of a proper team and I can’t wait to have another shot at it!

What is your favourite orienteering event that you have done so far?

Definitely JWOC, each one has had the most incredible atmosphere which is fostered from hard work and dedication the year prior and though having the privilege to race among so many other enthusiastic and talented orienteers from all around the world. Every single one that I have competed in has been the highlight of my year.

Which map in Canada do you think all orienteers have to try at least once?

Bow Valley here in Calgary. It’s a world class map filled with crazy negative contours, lots of climb, and extensive areas of vague terrain, all of which test even the best orienteer’s skills.

How do you normally prepare for an important race?

I spend lots of time beforehand mentally preparing by learning about the type of terrain that I’ll be running in and how to make smart route choices in it. Just before I begin my taper I try and have a set of prep races to help me get into the racing mindset. Coming into the race I taper my body and try to eat and rest well.

What do you like to do outside of orienteering?

Well I am studying Engineering at the University of Calgary and love learning about how the world works and how to make positive changes with the knowledge you have. As for hobbies I also enjoy going on hikes with my family in the summer and when I’m up at our family cottage fishing becomes my favourite escape. I also enjoy cross country skiing as a form of cross training.


Jan Erik is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2019 High Performance Program

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