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Athlete Profile: Jan-Erik Naess

Born  1998
Hometown Mississauga, ON,
Currently living Oslo, Norway
Club Dontgetlost
Occupation Student
Training Log Attackpoint
Blog URL

What race are you looking forward to for 2018?

My mind is set towards the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Hungary next summer. All training will be working around peaking for those races. I am most excited for the Long and Sprint where I can best use my speed and stamina.

When did you start orienteering?

I have been orienteering on and off all my life but started racing competitively after the 2014 Canadians Orienteering Championships.

What is your best orienteering memory?

It is a compilation of all of the incredible friends that orienteering has given me the opportunity to make.

What is your favourite type of orienteering event and why?

I really enjoy the relay. It is a unique race where you learn to properly use other orienteering while remaining within your own contact and take a very special skill set to race comfortable in those conditions.

What’s the best orienteering advice that you’ve received?

It was from my dad. He told me that every race, no matter how well or poorly it went, run as hard as you can all the way until the finish line because there will always be someone who had a similar race and this is where you can beat them.

Who is your orienteering idol or inspiration?

I would say Emily Kemp would be my idol and my dad is who I draw my inspiration from. Emily’s firm commitment to the sport and moving far away from home has given me the confidence to do the same and shown that if I train hard with the few gifts that come with being a North American orienteer, I can make it us there as well. My dad orienteering his entire life has set some high standards for me to beat and he has always been my number one supporter in chasing my orienteering dreams.

What are some of your 2018 goals outside of orienteering?

I am working on passing the Norwegian Fluency test and hope to start studying this coming fall in either Norway or Canada.


Jan Erik is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2018 High Performance Program

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