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In Memoriam: Pierre Brassard and Ginette Cormier

Pierre Brassard (President of Orienteering Ottawa) and his wife Ginette Cormier died in a tragic accident on May 14, 2015.

Pierre and Ginette were long-time members of Orienteering Ottawa and Pierre was in his second year as president of the club. Prior to coming to Ottawa, Pierre and Ginette were in Hamilton where Pierre was an integral part of the Golden Horseshoe Orienteering Club.

Pierre was a soft spoken gentleman who had a deep passion for the outdoors. He thrived when challenged with the most difficult parts of any orienteering competition. Although often found navigating the long course, Pierre’s favourite orienteering disciplines were ultra-long races and Rogaines.

Ginette would often participate in the club’s recreational events and was a fixture at the finish line cheering on runners whilst waiting for Pierre to return. Ginette was also a committed volunteer for the club, contributing her great energy and joyful smile to the tasks at hand.

Several orienteers have shared memories of Pierre and Ginette on the Attackpoint website.

We send our deepest sympathies to the families of Ginette and Pierre.


Pierre Brassard

In Memoriam: Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson, one of the founders of Calgary’s first orienteering club, the Calgary Kangaroos died on April 30, 2015 in Comox, BC.

Scott and his wife Raelene played a huge role in starting orienteering in Alberta and particularly in Calgary. Scott represented Canada at the World Orienteering Championships in 1976 in Scotland. He met with wife Raelane at the 1977 Canadian Orienteering Championships in Wentworth, Nova Scotia. Scott took photogrammetry training from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and become one of Canada’s first orienteering mappers. Scott was an orienteer, road runner and trail runner.

You can read Scott’s obituary here.

Our deepest sympathies go to Scott’s wife Raelene and their family. We are incredibly grateful for the contribution that Scott made to developing orienteering in Canada.


Scott receiving a recent golf trophy


Scott representing Canada at the 1976 World Orienteering Championships in Scotland