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2015 NOW contest – win a $100 coupon for Icebug shoes.


2015 National Orienteering Week
Presented by Icebug &

Contest – win a $100 coupon towards a pair of Icebug shoes.

Icebug has generously provided a number of coupons for $100 off a pair of Icebug shoes, purchased on-line or in person at There are 3 ways to win.

  1. #orienteerNOW – post on facebook, twitter or instagram between June 3rd and June 15th, 2015 using the hashtag #orienteerNOW. Helps us promote NOW through your social media channels. We’ll select some coupon winners from people who use the #orienteerNOW hashtag to promote National Orienteering Week, orienteering in general, or a specific NOW event.
  2. Video submission – make a video where you finish the sentence “Orienteering is a great sport because…” Send us the video ( or post it on our social media. We’ll select some coupon winners from people who submit a video.
  3. Club report – orienteering clubs, send us an email telling us how many newcomers came out to your NOW event(s) and we’d love it if you sent us some pictures too. We’ll select some clubs to receive a coupon and you can create a fun way to give it away to a club member.



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