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Coach Profile: Hans Fransson

Hometown Hamilton, ON
Club DontGetLost and OK Njudung (Sweden)
Occupation Teacher

What is your first orienteering memory?
I followed the footsteps of my brother (mostly) and the rest of the family pretty pretty much since day one so I have some vague memories from O-Ringen 1977 but I have some clear visions from the first race I ran on my own. I can still picture one of the control sites and the flag. That was back in 1981

If you could go anywhere in the world to orienteer, where would you go, and why?
The map from WOC in 1985 (Australia) looks pretty cool. I would like to try that terrain.

If you could get orienteering coaching from anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be, and why?
Thierry Gueorgiou (TG). I would like him to coach me and we would start from scratch again.

Aside from orienteering, what other sports do you do on a regular basis?
Cross country skiing, floorball, started recently to run one marathon per year and will try to keep that going.

What is your favourite pre-race breakfast/snack?
As long as I get a mouthful of coffee, I will be fine.

Please tell us a bit about your coaching philosophy?
I have mostly coached kids (ARK and at school) and then it is all about having fun. (You still should have fun when you are older because otherwise you won’t be able to allow the hours that are required.) In essence, there are no shortcuts, if your goals are high, the training need to reflect that. The more training you do, the greater chance to do well in a race. TG and Kent Olsson, arguably two of the best technical runners runs/ran on a map 1h/day in average.

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