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Introducing the Icebug Orienteering Ambassador Program

Orienteering Canada is extremely excited to be partnering with Icebug Canada and the o-store to present an Icebug Orienteering Ambassador Program. During the Canadian Orienteering Championships (and a little bit after) we will be accepting applications to become an Ambassador for Icebug and Orienteering Canada.

Ambassadors will have a chance to test Icebug Zeal OLX shoes at the special ambassador cost of $75 (plus shipping). Ambassadors will be expected to do three events (before the end of 2015) in their Icebug Zeals and post comments and pictures on the Orienteering Canada Facebook page After Ambassadors have posted three times they become part of Icebug Canada Official Ambassador Group and are eligible for future product testing opportunities and contests.

For your chance to become an Ambassador go to the Icebug Canada website for more details and to complete an application form. We are looking for Ambassadors from all age/ability groups to show that Orienteering is a sport for life!

Visit to find out more! Apply by August 28, 2015. There are a limited number of Ambassador spots available. Orienteering Canada will notify you if you have been selected as an Ambassador.

Thank you to and Icebug Canada for helping to make this program possible!


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