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Orienteering Canada Strategic Plan Survey - Nov 13 deadline

Orienteering Canada Strategic Plan Survey

Orienteering Canada is just about to start the process of creating a new 3 to 5 year Strategic Plan for the organization.  Of course, this affects the orienteering community across Canada and we would very much like to have input on it from the community.

We are working with consultant Wayne Hellquist of Future Quest Consulting who will help steer us through the process.  The first step in this project is to get some information from our stakeholders.  To this end, we have created, with Wayne, a survey, in Survey Monkey, for orienteers to complete.  We are looking for input from young orienteers as well as the elders, experienced orienteers and newbies, competitive athletes and recreational participants, organizers, coaches, administrators.   If you are involved in orienteering in Canada in any way we would love to hear from you.

We are asking you, if you have 15 minutes to spare between now and November 13, to click on the link below and answer our 12 questions (of which only 4 require text input!).

By next spring, we hope to have a new strategic plan that will help guide us through the next few years of the life of Orienteering Canada.


Thank you for your participation!
Anne Teutsch
President, Orienteering Canada

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