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Volunteer Opportunity: HPP Regional Coach

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee is seeking a HPP Regional Coach in the Pacific region. Interested individual please email hpp AT orienteering DOT ca and explain and your interest in and qualifications for the role before November 5, 2015

Position Description: Canadian High Performance Program Regional Coach

Purpose: The prime focus is to aid the progression of regional High Performance Program athletes in LTAD stages Training to Train, Training to Compete and Training to Win.
Reports to: Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Director

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Maintain on-going communication with athletes
    • aid with race analysis
    • help establish goals and consistency in training
  • Follow athletes training logs
    • monitor and give feedback on training
  • Provide in-person coaching at regional events
    • support athletes
    • provide feedback and debrief with athletes
  • Conduct an annual end-of-season review with each athlete
  • Help athletes establish yearly goals and yearly training plans.

Secondary responsibilities:

  • communicate about and coordinate athletes’ training with their club coaches
  • promote coaching by supporting and educating the athletes’ club coaches.

Additional Roles:
The HPP Regional Coaches may also have the opportunity to serve in other roles: Training Camp Coach, JWOC, WOC, WUOC, NAOC Coach.

The HPP has been divided into 4 regions: Pacific, Central, Eastern and European. The athletes will be assigned to the coaches according to the regions in which they are based. Ideally the coaches are based in the same region as their athletes to increase the opportunities for contact and to make communication easier. In cases in which the athletes don’t have a base or are in different regions at different times of the year (e.g. university students) the regions will be determined by the High Performance Director through consultation with the athletes and the HPP Regional Coaches involved. Each region will consist of approximately 5-8 athletes.


  • This is a volunteer position
  • An honoraria / per year determined by the High Performance Committee budget


  • Demonstrated high-level technical knowledge of orienteering principles.
  • Ability to communicate with athletes in stressful situations.
  • Strong preference to applications with National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coaching qualifications and/or the willingness to obtain NCCP qualifications. Or equivalent coaching education from another country.
  • Understanding of Orienteering Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model and ability to coach according to the LTAD principles.
  • Previous coaching experience.

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