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Athlete Profile: Christian Michelsen

Born 1999
Hometown Hamilton, ON (born in Copenhagen, Denmark)
Currently living Dundas, ON
Club DontGetLost
Occupation Unprofessional professional orienteer
Training log Attackpoint
Blog URL

What race are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to JWOC in Denmark this year as it will be my last year as a junior and also going to Jukola for the first time.

What is your favourite orienteering race you have done so far?
O-ringen which is a huge 15-30 thousand person race in Sweden. It is also a good way to relax and unwind from JWOC with 5 races over 6 days in some beautiful Swedish forest.

Which map in Canada do you think all orienteers have to try at least once?
I guess the barrens in Ottawa since it’s always one of the top Canadian maps on World of Maps. It also is pretty unique terrain.

How do you normally prepare for an important race?
I’ll usually find and look at the map ahead of time. Then, on race day I will eat a big meal 3-4 hours before the race and have a snack an hour ahead. I strive to start my warm-up about half an hour before the race and almost always show a little late to my call-up. I’m good to go from there assuming I made the start.

What do you like to do outside of orienteering?
I’ll be starting university next year after a couple years off from school, so I’m just working and training. I don’t really have any big hobbies, I just read or watch the occasional book or movie, play some video games, watch football/soccer, and sometimes hangout with friends.


Christian is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2019 High Performance Program.

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