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Canada at Jukola 2016

Jukola 2016 - 2

It’s Jukola this weekend and Canada is there!

What is Jukola?
An orienteering relay race held annually in Finland.
What events are part of Jukola?
There are actually two relays. The Jukola relay with comprised teams of 7 men or women and the Venla relay which has teams of 4 women on each team. This year there are 17,500 athletes registered for the races. Yes 17,000! Many of the relay legs are run during the night. Over 2000 volunteers are helping to put on the races this weekend and they are expecting about 50,000 visitors over the course of the weekend.
Canada at Yukola 2016
There are two Canadian teams at Jukola this year: one team from Ottawa and one from Whitehorse. You can read about the Ottawa team here
Follow along
Do you want to watch live coverage of Jukola this year? Jukola on web TV! You can follow live through an international web TV broadcast. The commentary will be in English with many expert commentators. A lot of live GPS tracking and interesting interviews will be included. This international broadcast also has its own director, with 20 cameras in use.
The price for the broadcast is 15 € for both relays. Find more information from here.
Here’s Jukola on social media:

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 Check out this video from 2014 of the Jukola relay start. Truly incredible!

 Go Canada Go!



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