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Road to the Junior World Orienteering Championships in 2017, 2018, 2019...

The Road to the Junior World Orienteering Championships

JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Championships) is a competition for mostly 17-20 year old juniors from all over the world to compete at the highest level of orienteering. Juniors from about 40 countries around the world take part. It is a fantastic event to meet and make friends from around the world, see new places, and orienteer in exciting terrain.

The 2016 JWOC ( is taking place the Switzerland. Canada sent a team of 6 men and 4 women to challenge the Swiss mountains.

If you are a young Canadian orienteering athlete you should start thinking about how to train and qualify for future JWOCs;  2017 in Finland, 2018 in Hungary, and 2019 in Denmark.

The Canadian JWOC selection committee is using results from major events for the selection, and the athletes must keep a training log to show their training and level of fitness. You also have to be a member of the HPP (Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Program).

For the 2017 selection for JWOC in Finland any Canadian junior that is aiming for the team should participate in the following races.

  • Western Canadians 23-25 July 2016
  • Canadian Championships 30-Jul to 1-Aug 2016
  • North-American Championships¬† 23-25 Sep 2016

It is also recommended to participate in as many Canadian Cup events as possible (for example Quebec Championships, BC Championships).

For more information see

Regards from the 2016 JWOC selection committee.

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