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Contract Opportunity: HPC Administrator

Contract Position: High Performance Committee Administrator

Overview: The High Performance Committee (HPC) Administrator ensures that the HPC operates smoothly, effectively, and efficiently by handling administrative responsibilities.

Reports to: High Performance Director

This is a part-time contract position of 1 – 2 hours/week.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Meeting admin
    • Create & distribute agenda for HPC meetings
    • Send meeting reminders
    • Add HPC conference calls to Orienteering Canada conference call schedule
    • Encourage follow-up and completion of action items from meetings
  • Financial
    • Track HPC budget and liaise with Orienteering Canada treasurer on HPC financial items
  • General admin and task management
    • Assist with HPP application process and HPP member application information database
    • Receive HPC related emails and respond/forward as needed
    • Track tasks to develop master HPC to-do list and calendar as an on-going resource for the HPC. Assist with tasks requested by High Performance Director.
    • Assist with the annual HPP Athlete Handbook revision.
  • Event admin & task management
    • World Cup and EOC; track deadlines and coordinate registration
    • JWOC, WOC, WUOC, World Games: track deadlines
  • Communications
    • Assist with HPP communications as needed: for instance updates to Orienteering Canada HPP/National Team pages as requested, updates to Team Canada blog as requested

Required skills:

  • Excellent attention to details
  • Interest in Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Program
  • Comfort using Google Drive for file storage and collaboration
  • Ability to work independently, track and respect deadlines, take initiative

The contractor must provide their own computer, internet connection, workspace, etc.

Term: This contract will expire on March 31, 2017 to coincide with Orienteering Canada’s financial year end. There will be a possibility for renewal.

Remuneration: Remuneration to be commensurate with experience. Reasonable pre‐approved expenses will be reimbursed.

Application Process: Individuals interested in this opportunity should send a letter indicating their interest, along with their qualifications, to Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Director, Brent Langbakk, at by Sep 30, 2016.

Job description may be subject to adjustment.

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