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Orienteering in the news: Orienteering as part of KidsCAN

kidscan2016National team member Tori Owen is the Athlete Representative on Orienteering Canada’s Board of Director. She also represents orienteering at the annual AthletesCAN Forum organized by AthletesCAN – the Canadian association of national team athletes. Tori was in Toronto last week for the Forum and she also participated in KidsCAN day where national team athletes from many sports visit schools and have students try out their sport. Here’s an article from the Markham paper and it sounds like orienteering was a big hit!




Orienteering in the news: BC Orienteering Champs


Check out this article from the Pique the 2016 BC Orienteering Championships in Whistler, BC.


Pumpkin Carving Contest - with an orienteering twist



Job Opportunity: Alberta Orienteering Executive Director

The Alberta Orienteering Association (AOA) is inviting applications for the position of Executive Director. Applications should be emailed to aoaapplications AT orienteeringalberta DOT ca with a resume attached. Applications must be received no later than midnight MST on Monday, November 7, 2016. More details are available here.