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Ski-orienteering Selection Policy

Ski-Orienteering Selection Policy

This selection policy applies to Canadian athletes wanting to represent Canada at the following ski-orienteering championships:

  • World Ski Orienteering Championships
  • Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships
  • Ski Orienteering World Cups

The schedule for these upcoming events can be found on the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) website:

If you are interested in representing Canada at any of the above ski-orienteering events, please send an application to Orienteering Canada by August 31 prior to the winter ski-o season. (Late applications may be considered.)

Your application must include information about:

  1. Your cross-country skiing experience, your orienteering experience and your ski-orienteering experience, including any recent relevant results;
  2. A statement confirming that you are a Canadian citizen ;
  3. A statement confirming that you are a member in good standing of an orienteering club affiliated with a provincial/territorial orienteering association that is affiliated with Orienteering Canada;
  4. Your year of birth;
  5. A statement explaining which long term athlete development (LTAD) stage you are in.

All athletes and team officials will be responsible for all costs related to the trip, such as travel, food, equipment, accommodation and entry fees. Orienteering Canada does not provide a ski-orienteering uniform.


  1. All competitors must meet International Orienteering Federation (IOF) eligibility requirements, including having “full passport-holding citizenship” of Canada.
  2. The Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships are for athletes between the ages of 17 and 20 in the year of the competition. This age requirement is aligned with the Learn to Compete stage of Orienteering Canada’s LTAD program. Athletes who do not meet the minimum age requirement may apply per the application process but, in addition to the listed application requirements, the athlete must also submit:
    1. A letter explaining why the athlete feels they have the required level of technical and physical preparedness, and the maturity to be considered;
    2. Two letters of reference (from non-relations) that can speak to the athlete’s character and maturity (does not have to be from orienteers).

All selected athletes will be required to sign a version of the Orienteering Canada Athlete Agreement. All athletes and team officials are bound by all of Orienteering Canada’s policies including, but not limited to, the Discipline & Complaints policy, Social Media policy and Code of Conducts & Ethics.

A selection committee appointed by the Orienteering Canada President or his/her designate will evaluate all applications received and will notify all applicants directly by September 30th. The selection committee will use their discretion to select athletes to compete at these events.

Late applications may be considered. Early application and notification of selection may also be granted in exceptional circumstances in which the athlete requires notification of selection prior to September 30th. The athlete submitting an early or late application should explain the reason for the exception with their application.

Please email your application information to

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