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Vote for Orienteering Achievement of the Year


16 athletes from 10 countries are nominated for the annual poll to find the most impressive achievements in international orienteering. The poll is organized by World of O and voting is open until December 12th.

Winning a Gold medal at the World Championships is always a great achievement – but sometimes winning a Bronze medal or a 4th place (hint, hint) can be an even bigger achievement – based on what your starting point was. You can check out the background stories to “The Orienteering Achievement of the Year” to help you decide what you think are the best orienteering achievements of the year.

It is great for the sport to see excellent nominations for athletes from nations which are traditionally not on top of the result lists in international orienteering, like Belarus, Canada, Moldova and New Zealand. It’s very exciting to see Canada’s Emily Kemp on this list! All these athletes have accomplished exceptional orienteering achievements in 2016 – along with the nominated athletes from the more established top nations in orienteering Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Russia.

Voting is open from December 7th until December 12th using the following links:
The Orienteering Achievement of 2016 – Men
The Orienteering Achievement of 2016 – Women

There are some great prizes available too.


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