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Updated Orienteering Canada Rules

The Orienteering Canada Board of Directors recently approved changes to Orienteering Canada’s Competition Rules. The new rules are here.

Summary of changes made to the 2017 edition of the Orienteering Canada Competition Rules

For 2017, the rules have been re-organized to amalgamate related items that were previously separated. As a result, the numbering of the rules has changed significantly.

The Technical Committee has attempted to standardize terminology throughout the document, and has expanded the definitions section, which nor appears at the beginning of the document. Changes include:

  • Gender (instead of sex)
  • Participant (instead of competitor)
  • Group (instead of wayfarer)
  • Capitalization of defined terms (e.g. Event Director)
  • Replaced references to SI/Sportident with generic terms

Significant changes to the rules for 2017 include:

  • At the discretion of the event organizers, participants aged 16 and under may examine the map, with their course printed on it, before their start (rules 2.1.1 and 9.14). For example, 13-16 year olds might be permitted to examine the map in the minute prior to their assigned start (this option is available at a WRE event). Additionally, even younger participants (12 and under) could be permitted to examine the map well before the start so that they can review their course with parents and coaches. To ensure fair play, accommodations must be made for other competitors. This option is not available at a WRE event.
  • Women may compete in men’s categories (rule 6.1.1)
  • “Running up” more than one category requires permission for 16 and under participants (rule 6.1.3)
  • A participant may only represent one Federation in competition during a given calendar year (rule 6.5.4). This is to align with IOF rule 6.1.
  • Rule 7.1.2 has been somewhat relaxed to recognize that permission may not be finalized when event sanction is requested.
  • The technical difficulty document discussed in rule 10.6 will be available with the next revision of the competition guidelines.
  • The junior categories are eligible for the 2minute long start interval in rule 13.1.2
  • Out-of-bounds marking has been clarified and made more practicable (rule 13.4.4, matches IOF rule 17.2)
  •  Please pay attention to section 14.2 regarding control descriptions.
  • In order to align with new IOF rules, devices such as GPS watches are now permitted (unless the organizer chooses to disallow them), as long as they are not used to assist navigation (rules 15.3.2 and 15.3.3).
  • Clarified rules on map collection (rule 15.6.3).
  • The entire section on appeals has been removed as they do not align with OC policies on appeals. Participants may enter a written complaint, which may be escalated to a protest against the resulting decision.

A pdf version of the summary of these changes is available here.

The Orienteering Canada Board of Directors is grateful to the members of the Technical Committee for their work in revising these rules.

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